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The Grace of GOD Almighty

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The Grace of GOD Almighty

“I will recount the steadfast love of the LORD, and the praises of the LORD, according to all that the LORD has granted us, and the great goodness to the house of Israel that he has granted them according to his compassion, according to the abundance of his steadfast love. For he said, ‘Surely they are my people, children who will not deal falsely.’ And he became their Savior.”- Isaiah 63: 7-8

We are reminded of the steadfast love of GOD Almighty for humanity through the different actions that GOD Almighty has taken for His people. We learn from the beginning of history of creation in the recount of Genesis, that GOD Almighty created everything that is in existence. We are reminded of the grace of GOD Almighty of being able to give Adam and Eve paradise without having done anything to deserve it. GOD Almighty was giving grace to Adam and Eve because they were His creation and allowed them even to name the animals, plants, and the creation among being without any difficulties, strife, or worries. We learn that the initial forefathers of humanity decided to pay attention to a talking snake rather than believe in the words of GOD Almighty. This reminds us that GOD Almighty’s promises are true while the lies, deceitfulness, and falsehoods of the snake are only lies. For this, Adam and Eve are expelled from paradise and see the consequences of their disobedience to GOD Almighty.

We learn that GOD Almighty is giving grace when we learn that Enoch finds favor in the eyes of GOD Almighty. We learn that Enoch is considered a righteous individual that is considered to walk with GOD Almighty meaning he is counted as righteous. We learn that Enoch is able to write and speak to prophecy and truths that were given to him. We also learn that Enoch lives for a large amount of time being righteous, and GOD Almighty decides to allow him into heaven without going through death. We learn that Enoch is spoken of as faithful in Genesis. We learn that Noah also is seen as righteous and is given the ability to know about future events of the flood that would destroy wicked mankind. We learn that Noah is able to build the ark and is able to escape the flood. When the world is flooded, we learn that only Noah and his family are able to be saved and begin to repopulate the world with the animals and creation that GOD Almighty had told Noah to take on the ark. We learn that through GOD Almighty, Noah survived for being righteous.

We also learn that Abraham finds favor in the sight of GOD Almighty and is given blessings and abundance. While Abraham was able to acquire necessities, have intelligence, a wife, and flocks, we learn that GOD Almighty blesses Abraham with a nation, children, and a land that would be for his descendants. This indicates GOD Almighty’s favor for those that are righteous. GOD Almighty had decided to call Abraham’s descendants as righteous, but they needed to follow the instructions of GOD Almighty in order to continue receiving the blessings of GOD Almighty. We learn that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are counted as righteous and are a reminder of examples of faith and faithfulness to GOD Almighty. Because of this, the nation of Israel is able to grow not only in number but also in strength.

We read that Moses was an example of GOD Almighty’s grace in allowing the people of Israel to see that they were being freed from the snares of idolatry, forced labor, and hatred. Egypt had grown jealous and envious of Israel, and GOD Almighty had promised Abraham that the people would be freed into the Promised Land. GOD Almighty gave grace by providing a land that was similar to paradise in providing for the people of Israel not only food, water, and necessities, but most importantly the worship of GOD Almighty. GOD Almighty had decided to be the GOD of the people of Israel to defend them, protect them, and bless them. This is conditional on the ability to follow the Scriptures, instruction, have faith, and the Ten Commandments. We learn that GOD Almighty fulfills the promises of blessing Moses and the people who remained faithful to GOD Almighty while the unfaithful were destroyed by their sin.

We learn that David is another example of GOD Almighty’s grace in providing for the people of Israel an individual that cared about the people of Israel and wanted to serve. He was able to show the love of GOD Almighty not only to GOD Almighty but also for the people of Israel. We learn that through the difficulties that exist, David sustains his faith in GOD Almighty and this is counted as righteousness. David serves as an example of resisting evil, sin, and wickedness, and for this GOD Almighty protects him from his adversaries. We learn that David is able to continue in faith being the predecessor to King Jesus Christ in the manner of being both king and a suffering servant.

All of these examples allow for us to see that the prophets foretold of King Jesus Christ who would be able to show GOD Almighty’s grace for humanity. GOD Almighty decides to send King Jesus Christ to give eternal life to humanity if they only decide to have faith in King Jesus Christ. We learn that there are individuals that accept King Jesus Christ from the beginning of seeing him or hearing about him. We know of the shepherds who were near Bethlehem who worshipped King Jesus Christ. We learn of the wise men who also gave gifts to King Jesus Christ while only being an infant. We learn about the anger and jealousy of Herod who wanted to know about the Messiah in order to destroy the infant due to the jealousy and fear that the Messiah had arrived. We learn that King Jesus Christ is able to allow for those true believers to understand that the Messiah had been born and was going to redeem humanity. We learn of the teachers of the synagogues who were impressed when they heard Jesus Christ speak about the Scriptures. We learn about the healing and multiplication of the bread and fish that King Jesus Christ is able to accomplish to cure the people of Israel and feed the people of Israel. We learn about the wisdom that King Jesus Christ imparted that no one could contradict.

While the life of King Jesus Christ is impressive, the ability to take the cross of our sins and die for us on the cross shows the steadfast love of GOD Almighty for humanity. Not only for the people of Israel who had obtained their Messiah, but for the people of the world who also were receiving the Gospel of eternal life through the risen King of kings. Through this, we learn that King Jesus Christ is the eternal life, the path of righteousness, and the only source of abundant blessings. We are reminded of the history of Israel not only in the Scriptures, but in the life and resurrection of King Jesus Christ. GOD Almighty wants faithful individuals in Israel and the world to be given eternal life, but it depends on each individual to accept it. The grace of GOD Almighty is infinite and the steadfast love is also infinite. However, we know that the wrath of GOD Almighty is also a reality stated in Revelation for those that do not believe, ridicule, and slander the name of King Jesus Christ. There is still time to repent of sins and be given the opportunity of a new life in King Jesus Christ and the ability to obtain eternal life through the Messiah of Israel and the world, the King of kings, the LORD of lords, King Jesus Christ.

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