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Resurrection Radio Podcast: “Revelation: Chapter 2”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the churches that are at the end of the ages. We do not know specifically if these seven churches represent churches at the end times or if they also represented churches at the time of the disciples. We learn that the important message is to pay attention to what King Jesus Christ tells the churches.

We learn that some of the churches were engaging in sin and needed to be reproved. King Jesus Christ also tells us that those who are faithful, zealful, and continue to have faith in Jesus Christ, they will obtain eternal life. We are reminded that GOD Almighty offers repentance of sin in order to obtain eternal life. We must remove our sin and live in a lifestyle that is in congruence with GOD Almighty’s commandments.

We also learn that King Jesus Christ tells us to have love for GOD Almighty and for humanity. While the end times are characterized by coldness and a lack of love, we are to be reminded that the filial love that we have for GOD Almighty, we also need to have that filial love for humanity. We are to be able to have faith in King Jesus Christ who will guide us through the Spirit of Truth through the difficulties.

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