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Resurrection Radio Podcast: “Revelation: Chapter 5”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we are able to see that GOD Almighty wants believers to know that GOD Almighty is on His throne and King Jesus Christ has authority. We are reminded that even with all the events that are happening, GOD Almighty is in absolute control and King Jesus Christ is given authority to judge. We learn that through King Jesus Christ, John the Disciple is able to see GOD Almighty.

We are able to see that King Jesus Christ stated truth in the Gospel allowing us to understand that His words are truth. We are reminded that King Jesus Christ was able to prophesy specific events that would happen and have already happened. We learn that Revelation is a prophecy of King Jesus Christ that tells us of the truth and what will happen in the future.

We know that King Jesus Christ has already written history from Genesis to Revelation. We are not to fear as true believers because we know that GOD Almighty is on His throne making sure that everything happens how He has decided it in Revelation. We learn that from the Old Testament to the New Testament we are able to see how GOD Almighty is in control of the events of history and of the future since GOD Almighty has already written history. We are reminded that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth are together the True GOD and only the True GOD deserves the worship, glory, and adoration.

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