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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Revelation Chapter 11

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the two prophets that will prophesy during the end of the ages. We learn that the prophets will be allowed by GOD Almighty to prophecy for 1,260 days. While the prophets are showing the grace and infinite love of GOD Almighty to send prophets to preach repentance.

We learn that the prophets are sent with protection from GOD Almighty. The prophets are able to defend themselves against the wicked who intend them harm. We learn that the prophets are able to judge the world because of the wickedness that is happening in the earth at that time.

We learn that GOD Almighty loves those that are His that even when the two prophets are destroyed, they are given resurrection power and in three and a half days they are given life by GOD Almighty. We learn that GOD Almighty cares about those believers that are His. If we are able to follow the purpose of GOD Almighty, GOD Almighty protects and gives eternal life to righteous believers.

Spotify: Revelation Chapter 11

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