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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Revelation Chapter 12

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn that King Jesus Christ was persecuted by the adversary. We learn that Mary is represented as the mother of King Jesus Christ and thatis helped by GOD Almighty and the earth to be protected from the adversary. We learn that this correlates with the history account of King Jesus Christ’s birth when Herod attempted to destroy King Jesus Christ as a baby.

We learn that GOD Almighty lets us know that from the beginning of creation, there have been the righteous and the wicked. GOD Almighty lets us know that those that are wicked have evil as their idol. We learn that as believers we are not to fear because we conquer through the blood of the Lamb and the word of His testimony.

We are reminded that because the adversary was not able to destroy Mary or King Jesus Christ, the adversary makes war against the faithful believers of King Jesus Christ. We learn that we are to endure and continue preaching the Gospel which is how we win by being faithful to King Jesus Christ. We are to remain in faith and believe the promises of GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth.

Spotify: Revelation Chapter 12

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