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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Revelation Chapter 16

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the bowls of wrath that represents the judgment of GOD Almighty against wicked humanity. We learn that from the beginning of time, GOD Almighty has hated the taking of lives. We learn that Cain received instantaneous judgment by GOD Almighty for Abel, but at the end of the ages, GOD Almighty will judge those that are wicked. We learn that the method of judgment is justice against those that remain on earth that are wicked.

We are reminded by the angels that pour the bowls of wrath that the judgment is justice for the affliction of the righteous. We learn that the earth begins to suffer through destruction. The waters of the sea and rivers become blood. The sun begins to scorch wicked individuals on earth. The earth is in darkness. We learn that since GOD Almighty is absent from the wicked this represents the lack of material resources.

We learn that in the presence of GOD Almighty, we have everything. GOD Almighty provides for our food, water, air, and light. GOD Almighty also provides for our spiritual needs in the word of GOD Almighty. Through the presence of GOD Almighty, we have everything we need. Those that forsake GOD Almighty are judged, given wrath, and forsaken by GOD Almighty.

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