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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Revelation Chapter 6

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the manner that King Jesus Christ has absolute authority at the end of the ages. During the events of Revelation, we know that King Jesus Christ is in control of specific events seen in King Jesus Christ being the only individual that can open the scroll by breaking the seals. We learn that King Jesus Christ is given authority by GOD Almighty.

We learn in this episode that there is the beginning of judgment on humanity for the wickedness of inhabitants. We learn that Christian believers are persecuted, but as soon as the persecution is ended, the earth lacks light from the sun, moon, and stars. This is a reminder that faithful believers are the light of the world, both metaphorically and literally. We learn that due to wickedness, the wicked individuals that are left are going through judgment by King Jesus Christ.

We learn that even non believers know that King Jesus Christ has authority over everything in creation. We learn that they ask the question, “Who can stand?” after seeing King Jesus Christ on the clouds. For believers, we learn that GOD Almighty allows for righteous individuals to stand before GOD Almighty.

Spotify: Revelation: Chapter 6

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