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Having Faith Despite the Difficulties

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Personal witness video stating about the need to continue preaching the Gospel, believing in the promises of GOD Almighty, reading Scripture, praying, fasting, singing to GOD Almighty, and worshiping GOD Almighty through everything. 

We know that we are living in interesting times that are not like the past. We have heard the repeated lies of the news telling us about the COVID “vaccines” that are not fully researched. Previous vaccines took close to 8-10 years to develop and research in order to receive approval. The Measles, Mumps, and Rubeolla vaccine, the  Polio Vaccine, and the Flu Vaccine all took minimum a decade to develop. For some it took up to decades to carefully research. For this reason, research about the vaccine and do not decide to take it. Do your own research and learn about the technology behind the vaccine. 

This vaccine is also not like the previous vaccines utilizing a protein from the pathogen or virus but instead looks to make your body’s immune system print out the protein. That is something that has also not been done in the past. It is not something that is sound in medicine or biology. For this reason there are several stories of people developing complications with the COVID “vaccine”. We need to be able to know that this vaccine does not take proteins from the virus but looks to print out the proteins from your own immune system. It overrides the immune system and changes what GOD Almighty has already created in perfection, your own immune system. 

For this, it is important to research about previous vaccines and compare to the new vaccine if  you are looking to know about the new “vaccine”. Pray to GOD Almighty to guide you and turn from your sin in order to allow the Spirit of Truth to change you to know the Truth in these difficult and perilous times. 

King Jesus Christ already prophesied that there were going to be times of difficulty at the end of the ages. He compared the beginning of the end times as birth pangs. This means that there will be great difficulty with people telling lies, deception, and falsehoods. We are seeing all of this.

Personal Testimony

I graduated from a university with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Sciences, worked as a scribe in the Emergency Department for five years, was accepted to Medical School. Attended Medical School for three months but decided to take a break due to Spiritual Warfare that I was experiencing at the time. I was being attacked by the adversary and their workers for being a Christian and righteous. 

I was ridiculed, slandered, and hated for my faith and for my belief. I worked hard to get into Medical School and the system attempted to prevent me from continuing through specific tactics that the workers of evil use. GOD Almighty has delivered me from my enemies and has allowed me to continue moving forward preaching the Gospel and remaining creative despite the difficulties I have endured. 

I have always had opposition thrown at me for being righteous and courageous and not going along with the easy way. For this, I continue to be persecuted, but GOD Almighty provides the Spirit of Truth to give me boldness to speak the Gospel. For this reason, I am not ashamed of the Gospel or the name of King Jesus Christ. It is actually King Jesus Christ who has allowed me to endure the opposition throughout the years, and I will continue to praise GOD Almighty for all the days of my life until Rapture to Heaven or persecution. 

They wanted me to not be a part of the medical system because I was righteous and wanted to prevent me from speaking truth. For this reason, I was not seemed worthy of Medical School because they were planning what they are currently doing with the COVID “vaccinations”. To those that have ears, hear. To those that have eyes, see as King Jesus Christ tells His believers.

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