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Reminding Ourselves of the Protection of GOD Almighty in the Psalms of David

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Reminding Ourselves to Go to the Psalms Whenever There is Doubt

We know that there are difficulties that are going on all around us due to the times we are living in. We are reminded that when there are difficulties, we are to continue moving forward in faith regardless of the obstacles that exist in the world. We know that King Jesus Christ stated to strive to enter through the narrow door to the Kingdom Of Heaven. This tells us that there are several obstacles in the path of the righteous, but GOD Almighty is able to provide for us what we need. We are not to fear.

We are to remain constant knowing that GOD Almighty is in absolute control on His throne in the Highest Heavens, King Jesus Christ is to the Right Hand Side of the Father, and He guiding us through the Spirit of Truth. We are not to fear and continue moving forward through our belief in King Jesus Christ.

We are reminded of the story of King David who was the predecessor of King Jesus Christ in being an example of the suffering servant who was able to thrive, guide, and unify Israel through the faith in GOD Almighty. For this reason, King Jesus Christ is after the lineage of King David the Tribe of Judah. We are reminded that through the Psalms King David prophesies about the future Messiah King Jesus Christ. We are to continue in faith. We are reminded that the adversary attempted to tempt King David and King Jesus Christ from believing in the truth of GOD Almighty.

We are reminded that when our adversaries throw lies at us believers, we are to remind them of the truth. This means going to the Psalms that remind us of the blessings and promises of GOD Almighty for believers. We know that the false lies of the snake are not true. Adam and Eve were driven out of paradise due to their disobedience for listening to a snake instead of telling the snake to shut up since they had authority over the animals of creation. Abraham and Sarah show us what types of blessings GOD Almighty wants to give to faithful believers.

We see that everything that GOD Almighty promises Abraham and Sarah, GOD Almighty is able to provide. We are to remind ourselves that only GOD Almighty can provide protection, eternal life, joy, peace, harmony, love, wisdom, understanding, power, dominion, sovereignty, authority, and freedom. Only through GOD Almighty’s presence in King Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Truth do we have peace, love, and joy. Without GOD Almighty there is nothing. King David reminds us of this in the Psalms.

Thank you Brothers and Sisters in King Jesus Christ! Have a Great Day! GOD Bless You!

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