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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Revelation Chapter 21

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about Revelation Chapter 21. We learn that King Jesus Christ is able to destroy and judge all of his enemies from the wicked of humanity, to the wicked cities, to evil, sin, and death. We learn that King Jesus Christ judges and allows for the separation of the righteous from the wicked.

Those who are righteous are able to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. We learn that there is a New Earth and New Heavens after the old earth and the old heavens pass away. We learn that the pain, suffering, and tears of the previous life are not remembered, and GOD Almighty is with the people.

We learn that there is no sea and everything is perfect. We learn that GOD Almighty can make all things new and can create again. While paradise was given to Adam and Eve without deserving it out of the grace of GOD Almighty, we know that those righteous individuals that make it to the New Earth and New Heavens have been tested and tried and have been found worthy of eternal life for their faith in GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth.

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