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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Three “Elijah, Truth, and GOD Almighty’s Protection”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the prophet Elijah that was sent to the land of the Northern Tribes of Israel to preach repentance. We learn that Elijah is able to accomplish great works for GOD Almighty.

We learn that Elijah is sent to Ahab to tell him that GOD Almighty was going to judge the land for their idolatry that was introduced through Ahab and Jezebel. We learn that Elijah is able to provide signs and wonders for the people of Israel, and the people repent of their sin. GOD Almighty also provides a sign of grace by giving the land water when there was a drought in the land. We learn that Ahab does not change and continues to engage in wickedness along with Jezebel.

Once Elijah is able to provide signs for the people of Israel, we learn that the people of Israel repent of their sins of idolatry and worship GOD Almighty. To this Jezebel threatens the prophet Elijah who takes refuge in the southern land of Judah and looks to GOD Almighty for protection. We learn that Elijah prays to GOD Almighty, and GOD Almighty responds to Elijah’s prayers changing history and making new kings and prophets.

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