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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Five “David, Israel, and GOD’s Promises of King Jesus Christ”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn that GOD Almighty makes a covenant with King David similar to the covenant that GOD Almighty gives Abraham. Because David is a man of faith similar to Abraham, we learn that GOD Almighty blesses King David. We learn that for King David GOD Almighty is his everything.

We are able to learn through the Scriptures that King Jesus Christ would be able to arise from the lineage of King David. This is to fulfill the prophecies that were announced through prophets and also Jacob when he blessed Judah. We learn that we see the blessings being fulfilled in King Jesus Christ.

King David would have sons who would always have the throne of Judah. This would happen as long as they were faithful to GOD Almighty and followed the Ten Commandments and had faith in GOD Almighty. Once the kings of Judah did not honor GOD Almighty through faith, we learn that GOD Almighty allows for the exile to be discipline against the people. We learn that they do not have kings during the exile because of their sin. We learn that King Jesus Christ is sent to atone for our sins and be the Everlasting King on the Throne of Judah from David’s Throne.

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