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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Four “David’s Faith, Saul’s Envy, and Israel Unified”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the story of King Saul and how David arises to help the kingdom of Israel. We learn about how David’s faith is able to help the kingdom of Israel regain motivation and belief in GOD Almighty when they see David’s courage. We learn that GOD Almighty gives favor to David when David has immeasurable faith in GOD Almighty.

We see that when David begins to progress and thrive, Saul begins to envy David’s strength and courage. We learn that there are difficulties that begin to exist against David due to the hatred of Saul. Even through the difficulties, David has faith in GOD Almighty and GOD Almighty delivers David from the hand of Saul. We learn that through Saul’s son and daughter, David is protected.

We learn that the priests of Nob also help David. All of Israel knows about the manner that David has served and respect David. We learn that even through numerous difficulties, David is able to seek refuge in the faithfulness, steadfast love, and grace of GOD Almighty.


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