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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Eight “The Book of Enoch and Revelation”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we will learn about the Book of Enoch and the correlation that exists with the Book of Revelation. We learn that the Book of Enoch is not considered part of the Scriptures, but by the Spirit of Truth we are able to learn if the Book of Enoch is consistent with Scripture. We learn that the first chapter of Enoch tells us of similarities that are told in the Book of Revelation concerning King Jesus Christ returning to destroy and judge the wicked while sparing the righteous.

We are able to learn in the Book of Enoch that King Jesus Christ has absolute authority to judge the wicked. We learn that the Letter of Jude incorporates paragraphs from the Book of Enoch to describe King Jesus Christ’s judgment against the wicked. We are able to understand that prior to the description, we learn that those that are righteous will be spared consistent with the Book of Malachi. We are able to see that the Book of Enoch is consistent in the Spirit of Truth with Revelation and the Book of Malachi.

We are able to understand that through the Book of Enoch, we are given greater detail in addition to the detail given in Revelation. We learn that Enoch was made aware of the times of the end of the ages when Enoch was only the seventh from Adam. We learn that Enoch prophesies about the end of the ages and allows believers to understand that only those that believe in King Jesus Christ will be saved while those that are evil, wicked, and non believers will be destroyed and judged.

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