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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Seven “The Letter of Jude, the Book of Enoch, and Salvation”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we will learn about the Letter of Jude that describes the path of the wicked. We are given examples in the Scriptures of individuals that did not choose to obey GOD Almighty and had difficulties and were judged by GOD Almighty. We learn that this letter helps us understand the similarities with 2 Timothy 3 that was written by Paul.

We are also able to learn that the Book of Enoch is incorporated into the Letter of Jude speaking about how King Jesus Christ will return to destroy and judge the wicked. This reminds us of Revelation, Peter’s understanding of the Day of Judgment, and Paul’s understanding of the times before the Day of Judgment. This also is similar to what King Jesus Christ stated when He preached to His disciples, apostles, and believers.

We learn that the reason for discipline and to see the difference between the path of the righteous and the path of the wicked is because GOD Almighty wants us to know that wickedness leads to the absence of GOD Almighty, destruction, and judgment. Through GOD Almighty, we are able to have everything. Without GOD Almighty there is only destruction and judgment.

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