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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Six “King David, Israel’s Increase, and GOD Almighty’s Favor”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn that David has been anointed king over Israel. We learn that while there are difficulties that are existing, GOD Almighty is able to favor King David in order for Israel to be protected, blessed, and strengthened. We learn that though there were difficulties in the past, King David is able to be at peace knowing that GOD Almighty has defeated all his foes.

We learn that the nation of Israel is experiencing renewed blessings through King David. GOD Almighty decides to raise David as king for his faith in GOD Almighty. We learn that GOD Almighty is able to guide King David and destroy the hostile nations surrounding Israel. We learn that the Philistines, Moabites, and the Ammonites are defeated, and Israel increases.

We learn that GOD Almighty is able to provide for the people of Israel and for King David when they are obedient to GOD Almighty, follow the Ten Commandments, repent of sin, and have faith in the promises of GOD Almighty. We learn that King David is able to provide an example of faithfulness to GOD Almighty and the people of Israel worship GOD Almighty. We learn that while previously due to idol worship, the people of Israel could not defeat the Philistines. After repenting of sin and obeying GOD Almighty, we see that GOD Almighty subdues the surrounding hostile nations and Israel increases.

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