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Resurrection Radio Podcast: “The Book of Enoch, Genesis, and Creation”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about how in the Spirit of Truth both the Book of Genesis attest to GOD Almighty being the GOD of Creation and also who gives order to the world. We learn in the Book of Enoch that GOD Almighty is able to cause the creation to have laws of Physics and Biology to establish order within the creation. We learn about the importance of being able to acknowledge GOD Almighty as the GOD of Creation and who establishes order in the creation.

We learn in Genesis about how GOD Almighty decided to create the creation in six days and rest on the seventh day. We learn that GOD Almighty decided to create the creation and to preserve it through the purpose of GOD Almighty. We have learned that for the past four thousand years, the creation has been stable and there has been order. We learn that the natural disasters that have increased over the past fifty years have been because of the increase in sin.

We learn from the Book of Enoch that GOD Almighty allows Enoch to see how GOD Almighty can create and give order to the creation. We are able to understand that GOD Almighty does not only create but makes sure that everything is in order. GOD Almighty can also provide for natural disasters as judgment against wickedness seen in the flooding of Noah and the destruction of the cities where Lot resided. We learn that if we follow the word of GOD Almighty, we have protection and eternal salvation. If we do not honor GOD Almighty, there is difficulties in this life and the next life.

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