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Radio Resurección: “Los Diez Mandamientos, Deuteronomio, y Amor”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the importance of the Ten Commandments in order to be able to have not only salvation in this life but eternal life in the next life. We learn about the importance of being able to honor GOD Almighty by following with faith the Ten Commandments. When we choose to honor GOD Almighty through the Ten Commandments, we are able to know that GOD Almighty sees our faith and blesses us with our daily necessities, spiritual gifts, amongst the love, wisdom, and characteristics and qualities that GOD Almighty gives.

We are able to see that when we glorify GOD Almighty, we are able to walk in the path of the righteous. We know that we are also given prosperity, peace, and love through GOD Almighty. We are able to understand this through the Spirit of Truth. We learn that through our faith in honoring the Ten Commandments, GOD Almighty gives us understanding and wisdom.

We learn that Moses instructs the people to honor GOD Almighty above everything else in the world, and they are able to abound and grow. We learn that through following the Ten Commandments, the people are able to obtain the Promised Land and are able to have protection by GOD Almighty and are able to have their descendants grow. We are able to see that GOD Almighty loves us and cares for us in a manner that the world is not able to care.

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