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Resurrection Radio Podcast: “The Ten Commandments, Wisdom, and Grace”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the importance of the Ten Commandments. We learn about the wisdom in following the commandments and understanding scripture. We also learn about the grace that GOD Almighty gives.

We learn through Moses about the need to continue having faith in GOD Almighty along with following the Ten Commandments. We learn about what GOD Almighty gives the people of Israel in the time of Deuteronomy. We learn that the Promised Land, necessities, spiritual growth, peace, love, joy, understanding, wisdom, strength, might, sovereignty, authority, dominion, and freedom are given by GOD Almighty to the people of Israel. They are able to maintain this as long as they worship GOD Almighty above everything in in this.

With GOD Almighty, Israel is able to continue forward and advance towards the land of Canaan and able to take the land. This is only through GOD Almighty. Moses tells the people the need to keep the commandments, have the word of GOD Almighty in their hearts, and to teach the word of GOD Almighty.

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