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Resurrection Radio Podcast: “Moses, the Promised Land, and Belief”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the importance of honoring the Ten Commandments of GOD Almighty in order to increase our faith. We learn about the belief of those that follow Moses and those that rebel against GOD Almighty. We learn that those who have belief are able to make it to the Promised Land while those that doubt GOD Almighty do not make it to the Promised Land.

We are able to learn through Moses that GOD Almighty wants us to be faithful to GOD Almighty’s promises. While the Promised Land has already been given to Israel, we are to remind ourselves about the New Jerusalem and 1,000 year reign with King Jesus Christ and that we are to remain faithful in the promises of GOD Almighty. With GOD Almighty, we are able to have everything we need seen through the Scriptures.

We can learn that the word of GOD Almighty is truth, eternal, and infinite. We need to realize that GOD Almighty promised the people of Israel the land of Canaan and they receive the land through GOD Almighty. We are to remind ourselves that GOD Almighty is promising us eternal life and the New Jerusalem only through King Jesus Christ. We are to trust in the word of GOD Almighty.

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