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“King Jesus Christ’s Preaching Beautitudes are Constistent With the Blessings of GOD Almighty to Israel in the Time of Moses”

We are able to learn through the Scriptures of the importance of the statutes, laws, and Sabbaths that GOD Almighty wanted the people of Israel to follow in order to be able to have the abundance, blessings, and favor of GOD Almighty. We learn from the Book of Deuteronomy that the people were able to obtain great favor in the Promised Land if they were able to continue believing in faith through GOD Almighty.

We continue to learn that through GOD Almighty, we can continue to move forward in everything that we do like in the time of Moses. We learn about the time of when King Jesus Christ promises faithful believers of the Beautitudes (Matthew 5: 2-11) that they would receive in a similar manner to the promises GOD Almighty gives the people of Israel through Moses (Deuteronomy 28: 1-14). We see the same manner that GOD Almighty is attempting to allow us to understand in the Books of Moses and in the New Testament that GOD Almighty is the same GOD Almighty of Moses and the prophets and the same GOD Almighty of King Jesus Christ, the disciples, and apostles.

We can understand this realization through the Spirit of Truth. This realization allows us to understand that GOD Almighty wants us to continue having confidence in the promises of GOD Almighty. We can continue to abound despite the difficulties because GOD Almighty is in control of everything that happens in this life and to eternity. We do not have to worry about the things of this life because GOD Almighty is able to provide.

We learn from the blessings given to the people of Israel through Moses that if they are able to believe in faith and follow the commandments, statutes, and rules of GOD Almighty, they will forever have favor with GOD Almighty. They do not have to fear. They do not have to be anxious about anything. This is what King Jesus Christ reminds us in the Scriptures. This is what Moses tells the people in the Book of the Prophets. We have to remind ourselves that King Jesus Christ’s words are the fulfillment of the words of Moses.

We learn from the Scriptures in Deuteronomy that Moses spoke of a future prophet that would be able to provide similar signs like Moses (Deuteronomy 18: 15-20) and speak to the people about the righteousness of GOD Almighty. King Jesus Christ would fulfill this prophecy of Deuteronomy 18 that tells us of a future prophet that would provide signs and wonders and would allow the people of Israel to learn about the commandments and word of GOD Almighty.

We have to remind ourselves as Christian believers that the promises of GOD Almighty to Moses and the promises of GOD Almighty through King Jesus Christ are still happening and will continue to eternity for those that are faithful believers. We are reminded that when King Jesus Christ returns, we are going to be able to reign with King Jesus Christ for a Thousand Years. We will fulfill the word of GOD Almighty to the kings of Judah and to the Levitical priesthood. We will be priest kings in the Thousand Year reign of King Jesus Christ.

We learn that the promises that were told to Moses for the people were fulfilled when Israel was able to obtain the Promised Land through the guidance of Joshua. This also tells us of a future individual who would be like Moses and whose name is similar to Joshua meaning salvation. We can have faith in the promises of GOD Almighty because we have already seen how the promises were fulfilled in the time of Joshua and in the time of David. When these individuals of faith were able to guide the people of Israel, Israel abounded.

We can know that the times we live in are different times, but the promises of GOD Almighty are eternal and true. We are to believe GOD Almighty and continue worshiping GOD Almighty even through the lies and the deception that is being told on repeat in the news and on media. We have to remember to glorify GOD Almighty and believe the truth that GOD Almighty has given us through the Scriptures. If we can continue to believe in the promises of GOD Almighty over the lies, we know that King Jesus Christ has a great reward in Heaven for those faithful believers.

There is nothing in this world that is worth forfeiting our belief. Nothing in this world is enough when we have belief and faith in the truth of GOD Almighty. We learn that through GOD Almighty, we are able to obtain the greatest abundance, spiritual blessings, and wisdom among other qualities and characteristics that GOD Almighty decides to give individuals. We are to trust GOD Almighty even through these times and pay attention to the word of GOD Almighty over the lies of the world. 

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