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The Word of GOD Almighty is Eternal

Through the Book of Isaiah, we are given encouragement about several prophecies that would occur in the future. We are told that King Jesus Christ will return to end the struggles that have been affecting humanity. We learn that Jerusalem will no longer have difficulties and the world will have peace. We are told of a time when King Jesus Christ will provide for the righteous individuals in a renovated Jerusalem and a New Earth. We are told this so that we have encouragement despite the difficulties that exist in the world.

We learn that there is so much false information being given in the news and media that attempt to prevent us from realizing our growth in the Spirit of Truth. Isaiah was known to give encouragement along with the prophecies of King Jesus Christ. We are told that we can continue despite the difficulties of the world. We can continue moving forward and have faith in King Jesus Christ over the things of the world.

We know that the things of the world are not eternal and are not meant to last. We learn in the Scriptures that King Jesus Christ tells us that the word of GOD Almighty is eternal. This means that the word of GOD Almighty is forever. This is in contrast to the things of the world that will not be eternal. We are reminded through Isaiah that the things of this world flourish but do not remain. We are to remind ourselves of the truth of the word of GOD Almighty.

When we look at the manner that lies are stated in the news and media, we are being told about things that are temporary that will not lead to eternal life. We know that only King Jesus Christ is able to provide eternal life. Only GOD Almighty can give eternal life to faithful believers if they believe in King Jesus Christ over everything in this life. We learn from the Scriptures that GOD Almighty does not want us to place the things of this world over the things that are eternal.

We are reminded that GOD Almighty can provide even greater things than the things of this world. We read about how we are going to continue even amidst the difficulties and will grow in our faith. We have read of examples of individuals being able to glorify GOD Almighty even through the difficulties that exist.

We are reminded that even in the times that we live, we are to glorify GOD Almighty and pray to GOD Almighty so that the Spirit of Truth can guide us to know the difference between the lies and the truth. We can continue glorifying and praising GOD Almighty above everything in this life. When we do this, we know that GOD Almighty can provide us with the manner that we can have the greatest abundance, wisdom, and purpose.

This not only provides us with a greater purpose, but allows us to know that we are fulfilling the purpose of GOD Almighty. We know that GOD Almighty knows how everything works out and how it is for the good of the Kingdom of Heaven and for the good of believers. Through this confidence in GOD Almighty, we do not need to know everything when GOD Almighty knows everything from before the beginning of Genesis to Revelation into eternity. For this reason, we can praise GOD Almighty for being the True GOD Almighty who gives us life, eternal salvation, removes our sins, and provides us a purpose not only in this life but in the Renovated Earth and New Jerusalem.

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