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Moses Reminds Us of the Intercessor that King Jesus Christ Is in the Gospel in the Book of the Prophets

Through the life of Moses, we are able to understand how GOD Almighty is able to provide for those individuals that decide to allow GOD Almighty to guide us to accomplish the purpose of GOD Almighty in our lives. We read about how Moses is able to fulfill the purpose of GOD Almighty in his life by having immeasurable faith. We are able to see that through faith, miracles, wonders, and the purpose of GOD Almighty being fulfilled.

We read from the descriptions of Moses that while there are other prophets that exist in Scripture, Moses is allowed to deliver the people of Israel from Egypt through the guidance of GOD Almighty. We are told of a future prophet that would provide like Moses in King Jesus Christ who is greater than a prophet because He is the Son of GOD Almighty.

We are reminded that through Moses we understand of the intercessor who would appeal to GOD Almighty on behalf of the people. When the people sin and do not have faith in GOD Almighty, there is still atonement for sin. There are the priests that atone for the transgressions of the people. We learn of the intercessors through Moses and through the faith of Moses, GOD Almighty allows the people to know about the word of GOD Almighty.

We read that King Jesus Christ was going to provide the manner that there would be an eternal intercessor who would be able to provide atonement of sin for all of humanity for all time. We would have eternal salvation through the atonement offered by Jesus Christ in the cross and resurrection. We are reminded of the initial priesthood of the Levites through Moses and Aaron’s guidance that would provide for the people.

There is greater understanding, wisdom, and reconciliation through the faith that we have in GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth because this belief fulfills Jewish history. Christianity fulfills Jewish history. We learn that the purpose of Moses was telling us of a future time when King Jesus Christ would provide the final atonement for sin that would give us eternal life and salvation for all eternity.

Through the words of Moses, we are able to learn the meaning of the word of GOD Almighty and the reason for the Ten Commandments, statutes, and Sabbaths. We are reminded that they are instituted to allow us to continue praising, worshiping, and glorifying GOD Almighty above everything that exists in this life and to place GOD Almighty as priority over everything in this life.

We can continue to remind ourselves of this through Scripture. This is so that our faith increases and continue to build up on the truth of GOD Almighty. We can have faith in the truth of GOD Almighty because the promises and fulfillment of those promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses are in King Jesus Christ. We have everything through our belief in GOD Almighty.

King Jesus Christ gives us understanding, wisdom, and increases our faith so that we can glorify GOD Almighty through the difficulties and through our understanding. We are given so much through our belief that we are allowed to continue having an increased faith that leads us to understand and wisdom through the Spirit of Truth and fulfilling the purpose of GOD Almighty for our lives.

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