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The Importance of Scripture in the Life of a Christian

When Moses had concluded his purpose and led the people of Israel to the Promised Land, we know that there was a Book of the Law written by Moses. From this Book stems the first five books of the Scriptures. We learn that this book was written in order for the people to remind themselves of all the things that GOD Almighty had provided for them when they left the land of captivity, went into the desert, and reached the Promised Land.

This reminder allows us to see that along with the ark of the covenant and the tent of witness, they were reminded of the provisions that GOD Almighty was able to provide during their journey. We know so much about the belief of Moses, that Moses was sure the people were rebellious during his time and surely would be during the time after Moses’ departure.

We learn that Joshua is given the leadership by Moses to allow the people to know that GOD Almighty was going to provide leadership and understanding even after the departure of Moses. We read in the Scriptures that GOD Almighty allows Christian individuals to know that the promises of GOD Almighty were fulfilled. GOD Almighty provided for the people of Israel to reach the Promised Land and take the apportioned land for their inheritance.

We learn through Moses’ description that there is a doubt as to whether the people would be able to continue in their belief in GOD Almighty. We learn about the rebellion against Moses that led to the destruction of thousands of people in a single day. We learn about the manner that GOD Almighty provided for Moses amidst the difficulties.

Moses knew that the people of Israel would believe in idolatry and not trust in the GOD Almighty. This tells us of the prophecies of Moses that GOD Almighty allowed Moses to understand. Even through all of this, there is the grace and mercy that GOD Almighty provides for the people of Israel in allowing them to obtain leadership through Joshua and be reminded of the power, strength, and wisdom obtained through their worship of GOD Almighty over everything in this life.

We are reminded to consult in Scripture when attempting to discern the truth from the lies. We are reminded that Moses was allowing the people to know like Joshua would also do, that GOD Almighty only wants to benefit righteous individuals, but if they were rebellious against GOD Almighty, GOD Almighty would not provide like in the past.

In our times, we are reminded of the constant lies of idolatry and of sin that attempt to lead us far from the belief of GOD Almighty. We are to remind the lies of the truth through what is written in Scripture. We are to speak truth to the lies that are spoken from the world. We are reminded that in the truth of GOD Almighty is the reminder of life. There is the reminder of salvation and life in this life and eternal salvation and eternal life in the next life.

We are told how the people of Israel were to be reminded of the steadfast love, grace, and faithfulness of GOD Almighty through the reading of the Scriptures by the priesthood. They were to be reminded of the word of GOD Almighty so that they could follow the commandments, statutes, and Sabbaths and receive blessings and abound.

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