The history of Brazil is a very peculiar one from the very beginning of the country’s inception. Brazil has been the only country that was able to receive its independence without the need of a war. Those in important positions in Brazil wrote a letter to Portugal asking for their independence to which the Portuguese officials acquiesced.

The beauty of Brazil is not only explained in its independence, but in the beauty of its people. A huge territory that is vastly occipied by forests and waterways, most of the population lives on the eastern side of the country. Much is known about the Amazon Forests and how they supply so much fresh air, the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, the amazing football leagues and stadiums, the warmth and passion of its people, and the cheerfulness of its language, Portuguese, music, Bossa Nova, and dance.

Here I will attempt to write a bit about Brazil’s history through from the independence of Potugal to the present state.

stadium flag holding cheering

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