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Category: Cryptocurrency

In this section, we will discuss and highlight the use cases and values of cryptocurrencies.


Aave is a cryptocurrency that is used on the Aave exchange. The exchange is a de centralized exchange that allows individuals the ability to borrow or lend cryptocurrency. Aave is […]

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token is the cryptocurrency created on the Ethereum block chain. The token allows individuals to receive tokens for seeing ads. After a certain amount of ads seen, the […]


Compound is a cryptocurrency token that allows for the Compound exchange to function. Through the work of decentralized exchanges, tokens can be used to exchange cryptocurrencies. Compound functions in a […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Nem

Nem is a cryptocurrency that allows users to use the cryptocurrency for transactions as well as to give users rewards if they choose to power the network. Nem stands for […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Maker

The Maker token is a specific token used on the Maker platform. The Maker project is built on the Ethereum chain and the purpose of the project is to help […]