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Category: Cryptocurrency

In this section, we will discuss and highlight the use cases and values of cryptocurrencies.

What is This Cryptocurrency? ZCash

Zcash is another type of cryptocurrency which has decentralized control as well as open source. This means that the project is kept going by a group or community of individuals […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Dash

Dash is a cryptocurrency intended to be used a cash. The name means digital cash. The network is supported by the cryptocurrency which allows individuals to have their cryptocurrency in […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Iota

Iota is a cryptocurrency that is attempting to help block chain integration of the internet of things. While it is a cryptocurrency that is fairly new compared to previous cryptocurrecies, […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Neo

Neo is a cryptocurrency that has similarities with Ethereum. Initially, it was branded as a different name but became Neo. The cryptocurrency allows individuals to code efficiently to develop smart […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Cosmos

Cryptocurrencies have attempted to improve upon the designs of previous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ethereum has allowed for the creation of a multi-layered system of cryptocurrencies that allow for […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Huobi Token

Like the cryptocurrency exchange coins/tokens described in other projects, Huobi Token seeks to help the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange. The token can be used for multiple purposes including the ability to […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? VeChain

VeChain is a project that wants to promote the real life application of block chain. It attempts to allow companies to track their supply of merchandise or products in real […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? USD Coin

We have already discussed that there are many types of cryptocurrencies. There are specific transaction only coins, smart contract types, and also inter-operability coins. There are also stable coins which […]