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Learn to say common words in Dutch in order to prepare for your next trip. More liberal than conservative, the country allows for the ability to experience unique moments. Learn to communicate in this language so you can order your favorite foods.

Dutch Alphabet

The Dutch alphabet is made up of the same letters from the English alphabet.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O    P   Q   R   S    T   U    V    W   X   Y    Z

Even though the Dutch alphabet is similar to the English alphabet, there are phonetics that are different for the Dutch words compared to English words.


Learn New Dutch Words 1-5 For Beginner Lesson #1

Learn New Dutch Words for Beginners Lesson #2


We begin by learning some of the common words necessary to greet an individual.

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How are you?   —     Hoe gaat het     (gaat is pronounced “hat”)

Hello! — Hallo

Good morning — Goedemorgen

Good afternoon — Goedenmiddag

Good evening — Goedenavond

Bye!  — Doei

Nice to meet you! — Leuk om je te ontmoeten

Learning to count in Dutch

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One- een

Two- twee

Three- drie

Four- vier

Five- vijf

Six- zes

Seven- zeven

Eight- acht

Nine- negen

Ten- tien