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To discuss the history of the world would be one would need to include the interesting history of Israel. A country that currently has seven million inhabitants and is the size of New Jersey, yet has heralded the top of the list in number of successful start ups started, soil irrigation development, defense and security, as well as one of the oldest religions and cultures all entwined into one big spirited country. The country of GOD. The chosen ones of GOD.

To start at the present day, it is difficult to image a country the size of New Jersey could be so successful in many fields as well as being able to export a large amount of crops to other countries even though said country is in the desert. Through innovation and advancement in technology, Israel has been able to survive countless attacks on its sovereignty as well as be derided by multiple countries as seen in the recent move of the US embassy into Jerusalem by the current president of the United States. Israel has had to survive and seeing it present at the top is awe inspiring and amazing.

The survival of Israel amid being surrounded by enemies gives testament to the favor that Israel has with GOD. How else can a country with so much against it survive and scratch that thrive against countless adversaries. Many of Israel’s blessing are biblical meaning they stem from promises that GOD gave to Abraham concerning Israel multiplying and having favor with GOD. From the seven day war to the current struggles with neighboring settlements and countries, Israel has defended its sovereignty against all enemies and has shown that the will of its people is filled with strength.

From scientists to authors, Israel has astounded every individual who has analyzed how it becomes possible for a country to continue regardless of the obstacles it encounters. Israel must be looking at GOD and does not allow the enemies to make it stumble. It is truly amazing how great Israel is and how great GOD has blessed His people.