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Portuguese is spoken in both Brazil and Portugal albeit with some regional differences. However, learning Portuguese can serve the purpose of knowing how to order a caipirinha in Brazil and seats to Porto’s home games. Whatever the reason may be, learning a language is beneficial in many aspects including health and communication to name a few.

Words that are needed for finding directions

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To the right – Para a direita

To the left – Para a esquerda

Straight ahead – Direito em frente

Stop there – Pare ai

Block – Quadra

Words for affirmations or negations

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Yes – Sim

No – Nao

Maybe – Talvez

Possibly – Possivelmente

Without a doubt – Sem duvida

Some words to know when saying thank you or asking for things.

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Thank you – Obrigado

You are welcome – Voce e bem vindo

Hello – Oi

How are you – Como voce esta

Do you need anything – Voce precisa de alguma cosa