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Exploring the evolution of video game technology as well as remembering the classic games that brought us the new games. We will be discussing games that will be remembered as epic such as Super Mario World, the Legend of Zelda, and Kirby for example. Also, there will be discussions about what went wrong with the current video gaming culture and developing studios that have resulted in lackluster video games.

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New Consoles for Next Year 2020

The PS5 and XBOX TWO will be available next year in the holiday season. The two distinct systems have continued to provide new hardware along with interesting proposals for the new consoles.

One of the most important options that Microsoft will offer for the XBOX TWO is the addition of backward compatibility to any XBOX game. ANY XBOX GAME. That would include XBOX games from the original XBOX like Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 to the games offered by XBOX One. Sony on the other hand will allow for Playstation 4 game compatibility. It is unknown if PS One to PS3 games will have backwards compatibility for the PS5.

Both systems will offer and SSD based hardware system as opposed to the previous systems offered. This should allow for faster load times, but again there will be games that will test the new hardware. (I am looking at you GTA series and Skyrim.) Although loading times have improved significantly with new hardware, we have yet to see how expansive worlds will fare with the new technology. The real benchmark testing would occur when these series of games make their debut on the system.

While the XBOX versus Playstation war has been ongoing since the two began battling for gaming supremacy, it is still interesting to know what Nintendo will plan although it has already released the Switch ahead of time. While the hardware and the console is part of the equation, it will be interesting to know which console specific games will cause each company’s stock to rise. Will the Halo series allow XBOX to gain an advantage or will Playstation add new games that will indeed create new hype or at least continue supporting great series? Nintendo has done this absolutely magnificently with amazing series that are Nintendo specific.

What would you wish for the XBOX TWO and PS5 to include in the new iteration of its consoles? I know the four player offline would be amazing. Although offline allows for many players to play at one time, offline multiplayer would the a great option. Something that Nintendo has also used to its advantage.

Games to Wait For

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The original game was debuted in the 90s and became an instant classic in the RPG genre which also helped solidify Final Fantasy. No more than seven games after the release of the VII, there is now the remake of the seventh iteration. For those who have not started or are looking to get lost in a world full of combat and art, Final Fantasy is a great series to get started with. Final Fantasy VII will make a great starting point.


Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite shows us more story concerning the Halo saga. A new game that gives us more questions to be answered and more great gameplay from the classic Halo series that have revolutionized the first person shooters.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Image result for star wars fallen order

A new Star Wars game will be released on November 15, 2019 right before the Thanksgiving festivities and free time (for some). The Star Wars game boasts the ability to play a jedi that has survived the annihilation of Order 66 by Emperor Palpatine and his clone trooper army. This jedi was able to go into hiding and has to discover his inner abilities while protecting himself at all times from the Empire.

The game centers on the actions of the protagonist who will travel several planets in search of safety and answers. During his exploration, he will encounter many different terrains and will improve his force abilities. The game boasts the ability to not only wield the lightsaber against foes, but the ability to solve puzzles to further the story. The games mechanics seem interesting in the sense that the player must time their strikes and defend rather than simply staying on the offensive. This game may have a slight increase of difficulty from other games, but it seems that that difficulty will make it interesting.

The game also allows for a platforming element to exist. In several videos of the game, the protagonist is seen jumping, climbing, balancing, and making his way through the atmosphere. This game seems to encompass many different mechanics that will allow it to be a breath of fresh air.



FIFA 2020


The next iteration of the FIFA franchise can include many surprises. While many expect the online competitions to be the heart of the game as well as the league play in season mode, this new FIFA appears to have something extra.

Nostalgia hits hard at times and causes us to remember the good times. FIFA 2020 seems to be ready to deliver regarding this theme. With a story mode featuring some of football’s greats like Zinedine “Zizzou” Zidane, this mode will allow for the retelling of Zidane’s rise to the top. Including league play with Real Madrid and international matches in France, the story of Zidane’s majestic soar in the world of football will be revisited.

The only question is how many historic legends will be included in the story mode. If some of the world’s best players are given a part of the storyline, which ones will be included?

P.S. The soundtrack tends to be fire.


DLC and New Upgrades

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Rise of Skywalker

The developers of Star Wars Battlefront 2 have made a significant effort to make the game a new product after being released for more than two years. While the original game was received with a less than a tepid response due to the lack of maps and characters, the new downloadable content being produced is changing this. There have already been several different downloadable packs made including the Geonosis arena which came out one year ago.

The game is receiving much needed content releases. Star Wars Battlefront II is beginning to feel like the original Star Wars Battlefront II with improved graphics and a better plethora of maps and skins as well as character classes. It will be interesting to see how many of these updates are made.


WWE 2K19: Character Creations from WWE 2K19 Gaming Community

The wrestling community of WWE 2K19 has made great characters. While WWE games include many playable characters and wrestlers, there are always ways to increase the roster size by creating characters from other wrestling promotions or from previous years. WWE 2K19 is no exception and the community continues to deliver with great character models that look stunning.

One of the reasons why WWE games have been well received by fans is their deep customization options. Players can create legends such as Ric Flair  or El Santos. With the addition of new wrestlers from new promotions, the roster can increase in size. In the past, the time required to create each character was hefty ranging from a few hours to many hours to add every single detail that was needed to make the character look authentic. The gear had to match the wrestling attires. Now, you can download the characters that are being created by some of the best customization artists. You will save a lot of time and may give more replay value to your initial investment.

Fortnite x Batman


Fortnight x Batman seems to be an interesting proposal from the developers of Fortnite. By allowing a crossover, Batman and Fortnite fans may be able to delight in a new multiplayer game. The preview on YouTube shows a sneak peak at what may be included in the new crossover.

Players were shown a new Batman skin along with a Catwoman skin and selected armaments that players can equip. The video was short and did not state much other than what appears to be implied. Will there be more characters available to choose from?

The game seems to be playable now.


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