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Tag: #blockchain

What is This Cryptocurrency? Litecoin

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that is considered among the top three first cryptocurrencies to be created. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created followed by Ethereum and then Litecoin. […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Chainlink

Chainlink is a cryptocurrency that can be considered a relatively new cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Chainlink was created more recently to solve some of the problems that the earlier […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are so many different coins and tokens that can make any person interested in the hobby lose interest. In this blog post, you will […]

Cryptocurrencies Update During Mid-April

  While the cryptocurrencies have fallen from their top marks earlier in the year, Bitcoin has recovered from the bottom. Bitcoin is currently at $7,233.46 per Whether Bitcoin will […]

Use Cases for Current and Future Cryptocurrencies

Photo by CoinView App on Unsplash The word “cryptocurrencies” have become a buzzword similar to “data science”. With the addition of new uses for each cryptocurrencies, there is enormous potential to be […]