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Cryptocurrency Market Update

Another cryptocurrency that has decided to go exponential is Maker. Maker is a token that is used to keep the stablecoin decentralized at a stable value of approximately the amount […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? ZCash

Zcash is another type of cryptocurrency which has decentralized control as well as open source. This means that the project is kept going by a group or community of individuals […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Dash

Dash is a cryptocurrency intended to be used a cash. The name means digital cash. The network is supported by the cryptocurrency which allows individuals to have their cryptocurrency in […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Tron

Tron is a project that has received a lot of attention from the beginning of the project. Tron is a project that looks to create a decentralized block-chain network that […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Monero

Monero is a cryptocurrency that allows individuals to pay for transactions or send and receive to a specific wallet. What differentiates Monero from other cryptocurrencies is its protocol. Monero allows […]

What is This Cryptocurrency? Stellar

Stellar is the company behind the Stellar lumen token (XLM). The company created the cryptocurrency as a method to make transactions possible between the cryptocurrency and fiat world. XLM is […]