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Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

The history of the United States started on the day that the American individuals decided to change course and govern themselves. Instead of allowing Britain to tax and enact laws that affected them, American rugged individualism dictated that the best course of action was independence. Such act started with the rebellious acts of dumping tea in the ocean and tarring tax officials. These were simple actions that showed that America was to be a free nation governed by a new majority instead of a minority in Great Britain. Instead of being ruled by a king, Americans decided that they would be ruled by freedom, mutual respect, and instituted a democratic republic.

American history is one of pain, fierceness, and independence as well as freedom. A country that has experienced its own independence through will and planning as well as a country that suffered because of a division of ideas. Somehow, the American experiment has survived so long rectifying errors and emboldening fierce, intelligent, and respectful ideals.

With the creation of the U.S. Constitution, America preserves an individual’s rights and allows for peace and freedom to abound. This document serves as the living breathing vision that allows individuals the ability to express ideas, defend private property, respect individual autonomy, and strengthen one another in a free community.

One can truly appreciate the advances of America due to a belief in respecting each individual’s beliefs and allowing for protections to minorities from majorities as seen in Madison’s Federalist Papers. A Republic that stands through faith in GOD and beliefs in rights given by our Creator, America continues forward from the ideas that began its creation.