Considered by many as theatrics mixed with athleticism, the mixing of raw talent with explosive action has become the favorite past-time for many in U.S.A, Mexico, Japan, and England. Rivalries, best of matches, and hall-of-famers all inhabit this wonderful topic and many have taken up on the dynamics of this sport.

AEW Dynamite (11/20/2019)

Santana and Ortiz vs Private Party

Lock up between Santana and Cassidy. Cassidy would be quick and hit the dropkick to knock out Santana. Cassidy and Ortiz hit Ortiz with a quick tag and camel clutch with stomp combination. Ortiz would rake the eyes of Quinn. Santana hit a top rope russian leg sweep to german suplex. Ortiz would exchange Quinn and leave Quinn in an inverted suplex position until they decided to hit the suplex. Quinn hit a big boot but was taken out with a quick tag. Northern lights suplex and clutch from Ortiz onto Quinn. Cassidy would get the tag and drop kick Santana and hit a super kick. Cassidy would hit the canadian destroyer on Ortiz. Ortiz hit Cassidy with a pump kick and cutter which Cassidy would kick out. Cassidy hit a superkick on Ortiz and win with the hurricanrana and cutter combination. Guevara would come in but would be taken out by Dustin Rhodes.
Private Party defeat Santana and Ortiz

Review: The tag team division is red hot in AEW. With teams like the Lucha Brothers, SCU, Private Party, Santana and Ortiz, Jurassic Express, Dark Order, and the Young Bucks, the division could not be stronger. This match allowed AEW to highlight the athletic ability of Private Party as well as the heelish mannerisms of Santana and Ortiz. Both teams worked well together including their hot tag sequences when teams went to provide tag team tandem moves. While Santa and Ortiz lost the match, it allows for Private Party to remain in the tag team title picture. Private Party could very easily be the next tag team champions. They have the athleticism and charisma to provide entertainment to the tag division which is not lacking at all. If anything, it will cause all the other tag teams to increase their tag team game. The finisher is so electrifying which is a hurricanrana onto a jumping cutter. Santana and Ortiz still managed to look strong as they provided a mean streak to their match showing that no matter what, they are the best tag team.

The Librarian vs. Luchasaurus

Luchasaurus would take out The Librarian with a chokeslam and get the pinfall.

Luchasaurus defeats The Librarian

Review: The match ending allowed Luchasaurus to look like the dominating giant that can take out anyone in a matter of minutes. Luchasaurus has a great looking chokeslam. This allows the ability for Jurassic Express to look formidable against Dark Order even when it appeared that Dark Order was looking to take Marko as part of their member. Dark Order will first have to go against Luchasaurus and Jurassic Express which are a formidable tag team.


Darby Allin vs. Jon Moxley

Moxley would hit a fireman carry and take out Darby. Moxley would throw Darby out. Darby hit a standing dropkick and diving cross body but Moxley would hit a dropkick on Darby. Darby would throw Darby around. Backbreaker by Moxley on Darby. Darby would attempt to attack Moxley, but Moxley continued to take out Darby’s offense. Moxley would stomp and hit a clover leaf on Darby. STF submission. Darby would hit a dropkick on Moxley. Darby would slap Moxley and hit an outside dive. Moxley would win with the paradigm shift.

Moxley defeats Darby

Review: The match had a great build up with both wrestlers showing how they are both outcasts and different from any other wrestler. Moxley seemed like a giant to Darby’s thinner frame. The match had both opponents throwing themselves at several times. Darby was flying from the top rope or being thrown in the air by some of the most grotesque suplexes by Moxley. Darby was released from a suplex and his whole body twisted rapidly in mid-air as he fell. The match showed how much Moxley is willing to destroy his opponent to get to the next level. Darby gave a great match but fell short against Moxley. Moxley seems like a legitimate anti-hero that has tinges of Stone Cold during promos and in match performance; however, Moxley is different in the sense that he has a certain uniqueness that no comparison can due justice. Moxley can very well be a champion in AEW and provide a certain air of chaos to the main event picture.



Nick Jackson vs. Phoenix

Nick Jackson hyped up the fans. Shoulder block but Phoenix hit a dropkick. Both competitors used their agility to prevail. Phoenix would chop Jackson and hit a diving headbutt. Jackson would hit a spinning kick and miss when diving to the outside. Phoenix would hit a senton bomb but Jackson would kick out. Jackson hit a diving forearm , knee strikes, kicks, and running bulldog. Phoenix would kick out. Top rope hurricanrana to pin but Phoenix kick out. Phoeniex hit a super kick and Jackson would counter with a super kick from rolling position. Phoenix hit a hurricanrana from the top rope on the apron. Rolling jumping cutter by Phoenix to get momentum. Phoenix attempted to fireman carry Jackson but was hit with a high kick and back suplex on the apron by Jackson. Nick Jackson would get the sharpshooter, but Phoenix grabbed the rope. Phoenix hit the muscle buster for the win.

Phoenix defeats Nick Jackson

Phoenix left Nick Jackson with his hand extended and refused to shake the hand of Nick Jackson. The tension could be seen as both members want the tag team titles.

Review: What a match between these two competitors. This match allowed both competitors to show that they can put on a show with or without a tag team partner. The way both competitors were dynamic in the air and on the technical moveset provided for a great match up. This was probably my favorite match of the week because both wrestlers always go above and beyond to illustrate their moveset. Like Rey Mysterio in the past, these wrestlers are innovators in their field. The super kick sequence was amazing, the rolling cutter, the top rope dives, and the resiliency of both wrestlers is amazing. Whether they are in tag team matches or singles matches, they provide a great amount of innovation.

Britt Baker, D.M.D., vs. Hikaru Shida

Lock up tie up with both competitors sizing each other. Shoulder block by Brit Baker and arm drag takedown by Hikaru Shida. Elbow strike and Baker tried the submission but was unable to lock it. Clothesline by Baker onto Shida. Snap suplex by Baker on Shida. Baker was busted open during the match. Shida continued hitting strikes on Baker and hit the jumping knee onto Baker’s abdomen while Baker was on the turnbuckle. Shida hit a right knee jumping on a chair onto Baker. Shida tried a super plex but was unable to hit it. Britt hit a pumphandle and pinned but Shida kicked out. Baker hit a right knee and handing rope DDT. Britt went for the pin but Shida kicked out. Shida heat a jumping knee and hit a hip toss after a punch. Baker would hit the submission, but Hikaru Shida would get out. Shida would hit a knee strike for the win.

Hikaru Shida defeats Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Review: A match that maybe deserved a better introduction concerning story line angles. Both wrestlers are great wrestlers, but they need to have a recurrent story line to take it to the next level. Aside from the story line angles, Britt Baker would get hit with a forearm, elbow, and knee which caused her to start bleeding from the nose. Baker continued the match regardless of the injury. Hikaru Shida is a hard hitter which makes her attack credible, but Baker may have taken a little to much during the match. Baker continued with bleeding nose and all and attempted to make Hikaru Shida tap out or at least give her some of the same knee attacks and punches. Baker would be defeated with a jumping knee. Baker has heart and is great in her promo skills. Hikaru Shida makes her strikes and knees look difficult to counter. Hikaru Shida continues to get a win streak and may challege Riho eventually. Baker also deserves a title shot. It is interesting to see how the Women’s Division’s Rankings change.

Hangman Page vs. Jungle Boy vs. Pentagon vs. Sunny Kiss vs. Janela vs. MJF vs. Billy Gunn

Everyone started attacking each other. Billy Gunn was attacked by all the wrestlers until Marko Stunt attempted to hit a chokehold but was taken out of the ring. Page and Janela would hit punches on each other. Janela was taken out but his feet did not hit the floor until Spears came out and knocked Janela out. Gunn would take everyone out until MJF took out Orange Cassidy. Gunn would hit a fameasser on MJF and attempt to take him out but Hangman Page would take out Billy Gunn. Kazabian would take out an opponent. Jungle Boy took out Kazabian until MJF took out Jungle Boy. The winner of the match was Hangman Adam Page.

Hangman Adam Page wins the Battle Royale

Review: The Battle Royal had action occurring at every step. Billy Gunn made a wrestling return and highlighted his size and strength difference. Jungle Boy looked strong throughout the match with great athletic ability. Adam Page threw out many competitors and was the last man standing and will face MJF. A match with a lot of action and comedy thrown in as well. Hangman Page is looking strong in the course of the month. A match between Hangman Page and Moxley would be a great match to build up to. Both have been on winning streaks in the previous months.

Chris Jericho came out to apologize for his behavior after the match.

SCU would come out to interrupt Chris Jericho’s speech just as he was finalizing his bashing of the city. Scorpio Sky would recognize that apologizing was great, but forgot that Jericho was pinned. Scorpio Sky noted how he pinned Chris Jericho. Jericho reminded SCU that Sky would face Jericho. Jericho stated that he would face Scorpio Sky for the title next week. Inner Circle would come in to knock out the competitors. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus would come out for Inner Circle to retreat.



AEW Dynamite (11/13/2019)

AEW Dynamite started with a great video package of AEW Full Gear highlights.
Kenny Omega described the scars left from the Lights Out Match against John Moxley.

John Moxley vs. Nakazawa
Nakazawa started hitting forearms on Moxley. Moxley hit back with a lariat that sent Nakazawa down to the floor of the ring. Moxley hit a clothesline. Nakazawa attempted to gain momemntum but was hit with the double arm DDT and the paradigm shift ended the match. Moxley pinned Nakazawa.
John Moxley defeats Nakazawa via pinfall
Moxley made it a point to show how the unsactioned match did not count. He gloated on how the match with Nakazawa did count. Moxley would go on to state that he had changed Kenny Omega. Moxley stated that although Kenny Omega is a tough individual who is to be respected, Moxley is an even tougher one.

Review: A quick match that was used to highlight the toughness of Moxley in AEW. The match contrasted to Kenny Omega being left out of competition due to the injuries sustained at the Lights Out match with Moxley. The promo from Moxley was great as well as it further increased the importance of the match he had with Kenny Omega. Moxley is being allowed to express his creativity and it is showing to be great for both Moxley and the promotion. Moxley’s open challenges cements him as a top contender within AEW. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

John Moxley defeats Michael Nakazawa

Dark Order vs. Jurassic Express
Marko started the match versus Evil Uno by taking him out with an armdrag. Jungle Boy hit grayson with a crucifix and headscissor take down. Dropkick. Jungle Boy tagged Marko who hit a headscisoor on Grayson. Marjo tagged Greyson and hit a hurricanrana into a cannon ball. Jungle Boy pinned Grayson but Grayson kicked out. Marko would hit a headlock and Grayson would hit Marko and Dark Uno would hit a big boot to Marko. Dark Uno would hit a scoop slam and go up the ropes for a senton bomb. Marko kicked out. Dark Uno hit a backbreaker and Grayson would hit a senton onto Marko who was on the apron. Marko was about to tag in Jungle Boy when Grayson tagged Dark Uno. Marko tried to hit Dark Uno with body shots, but caused no damage. Dark Uno would hit an eye rake and tag Grayson in. Marko would hit a reverse flatliner. Marko would tag in Jungle Boy and dive onto Grayson on the outside. Jungle Boy would hit forearms and uppercuts onto Dark Uno. Jungle Boy hit a moonsault onto both opponents. Double superkick on Grayson. Step up enzuguiri, Dragon Rana. Jungle Boy took both opponents out and hit a dive to the outside but both opponents hit a double knee on Jungle Boy. Grayson hit a backbreaker on Marko and hit the Fatality for the win.
Dark Order defeats Jurassic Express
Dark Uno offerred Marko the ability to join the Dark Order until Jungle Boy interrupted. Dark Uno ordered his minions to attack. Luchasaurus would make a comeback and take out the the Dark Order. Luchasaurus would hit the chokeslam and hit a standing moonsault on the member of Dark Order.

Review: A great match featuring contrasting styles and size differences. Jurassic Express appeared to be on fire with their frequent tag sequences. Marko seemed like a legitimate underdog from the beginning of the match, but pulled of great moves. The resilience of Marko was interesting to watch as well as the way that Jungle Boy was able to hit a string of moves. Jungle Boy is a fast, agile, and is able to increase the pacing of a match. On the other hand, Grayson provided for great technical moves as well as Dark Uno. The match was great including the promo after. While the losing team looked strong in defeat, it does provide a storyline with great motives. Dark Uno asked Marko to join him, but Jungle Boy would interrupt and remind Marko that he is better than that. Just as Jurassic Express was getting pummeled by the Dark Order, Luchasaurus came out to make things even. A great surprise and a great storyline. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

Sean Spears vs. The Librarian vs. Allin Darby
Sean Spears “The Chairman” would come out to face the Librarian.
The Librarian would go on and speak about the great music talent from Nashville.
Darby Allin would come out to interrupt The Librarian.
Avalan went for a diving body splash but missed. Spears would hit a chop on Darby. Darby would elude Spears and hit Spears with an arm drag. The Librarian tried to surprise Darby but Darby sent The Librarian out. Spears would hit a reverse slam that almost defeated Darby but Dary kicked out. Spears would hit another chop to Darby. Spears would go outside and hit a back suplex on the apron of The Librarian. Janela would come out to attack Spears after their match on Full Gear. Janela would take out Spears. Darby would be left with the Librarian. Darby hit the Librarian with a stunner and finish with the senton backward splash.

Darby Allin defeats The Librarian and Sean Spears
Darby would call out Moxley after the win. Darby accepted the challenge that Moxley put out.

Review: A triple threat match that highlighted the comedic strengths of the Librarian as well as the technicality of Spears and the unorthodox style of Allin. Sean Spears hit some heelish moves including the apron back breaker. Sean Spears has a greater mean streak and it is showing. Darby has become a fan favorite not only for his agility and unique style, but his diving skills as well. The match as not a long match but allowed for each competitor to show their strengths. Darby Allin would win the match and follow up with a response to Moxley. Both wrestlers are unique in their styles and a match between them would be interesting. Allin has already gone against one of the best of AEW and the current le champion, Chris Jericho, and a match against Moxley would be great as well. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

Nyla Rose vs. Danny Jordan
Nyla walked toward Danny and hit a back elbow to Danny. Danny evaded the big boot only to be hit with another big boot. Nyla would taunt Danny and attempt to chokeslam, but Danny reversed. Nyla Rose hit a clothesline and would send Danny to the corner of the ring. Nyla would hit another clothesline before finishing with a powerbomb and pinfall. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji
Nyla Rose defeats Danny Jordan


Review: Nyla Rose defeated Danny Jordan without much difficulties. While Danny Jordan has a strong physique as well, Nyla Rose overpowered Danny Jordan. Nyla would hit strong moves against Danny Jordan leading to the powerbomb. Nyla Rose is being cemented as a powerhouse and looks to tear down any opponent. Riho has been the only wrestler that has prevailed against Nyla Rose, but another match may be overdue.

Alley would give a promo concerning her opportunity to face opponents on Dynamite. Alley would be interrupted by Awesome Kong and Brandy Rhodes. Alley would try to hit Awesone Kong, but Awesome Kong would hit a mongolian chop and take out Alley.

MJF would come out and interrupt Chris Jericho. MFJ would rationalize why he did what he did at Full Gear. MJF would then go along and hug Jericho after a few verbal jabs. Cody Rhodes would come out to take out MJF and Chris Jericho until Wardlow came out and attacked Cody and hit him with a F-U.

Hangman Page vs. Pac
Pac took out Hangman with kicks and would hit Hangman Page with an outside dive. Pac would with an asai moonsault from the top of the rope onto Hangman Page who was on the outside. Pac would go up once morefor a moonsault but Hangman Page would move out of the way. Hangman Page would hit a dropkick and outside dive on Pac. Hangman Page would hit a pop up powerbomb on Pac. Pac kicked out from the pinfall. Pac would hit a forearm on Hangman Page. Hangman Page would hit a big boot on Pac. Hangman Page hit chops. Pac was placed on the top of the turnbuckle, but Pac reversed to hit a front dropkick. Pac would go up again and hit a front dropkick to the back of Hangman Page. Hangman Page would hit a falling slam on Pac on the apron and hit his moonsault from the top. Hangman Page would hit forearms on Pac. Pac would hit a super kick but get hit with an elbow. Pac would hit a german suplex. Hangman Page with Pac with a lariat. The referee would count as both wrestlers were down. Pac would hit an enzuigiri and cradle pin but Hangman Page would kick out. Hangman Page hit a super kick on Pac. Pac would go to the outside. Pac attempted to get up but sat on a chair and hit a brainbuster on the outside. Buckshot Lariat to Pac with a pin, but Pac would kick out. Pac would a pump kick after the referee was used as a distraction. Pac would attack Hangman Page who was out. Pac would hit the twisted arrow into the brutalizer.

Review: The match was intense from beginning to end. From the start to the end, Pac and Hangman Page seem like a rivalry that could go on and on. Both wrestlers are gifted in their wrestling skills, given their physicality, move set, agility, and strength. Pac seems like he wants to destroy Hangman Page, while Hangman Page seems to want to go against the champion for a title shot. Pac is determined to not only defeat Hangman Page, but completely crush him as seen in the match finish. Both competitors are top talent of the company. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

Pac defeats Hangman Page

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs. SCU
Chris Jericho started the match going against Kazarian. Kazarian forced Jericho into the ropes. Both competitors would tie up with Jericho causing Kazarian to take the ropes. Kazarian would hitthe drop kicks. Jericho would tag with Guevara and was taken down with arm drags. Scorpio Sky would be tagged in and would attempt to pin Guevara after a back break. Kazarian hit a leg drop and pin but Guevara kicked out. Guevara would send Kazarian to the ropes and get hit with a german suplex. Jericho would get hit with a drop kick by Scorpio Sky. Guevara would grab the ropes and go for a moonsault into a dropkick. Guevara would hit a spanish fly on Kazarian. He would attempt the shooting star press but Kazarian would roll out. Kazarian would tag Scorpio Sky and he would hit Guevara with a back elbow and kicks. Scorpio sky would hit drop kicks to Guevara and Chris Jericho. Scorpio would hit a neckbreaker on Sammy Guevara. Guevara would hit a rising knee strike but would be hit with a knee and top rope cutter. Scorpio Sky would hit a dragon sleeper. Chris Jericho would take out the submission, but Guevara woudl attempt to hit the finisher until Hagar interrupted and hit Kazarian. Guevara rolled up Scorpio Sky. Scorpio Sky kicked out. Guevara hit a spinnig kick and Jericho would be tagged. Scorpio would hit Jericho with multiple kicks and hit a TKO. Jericho would kick out. Scorpio Sky would not hit a turnbuckle,Kericho would go for the luionsault but was countered. Scorpio went for the top rope cutter and was hit with the code breaker. Jericho would go for the pin but Scorpio Sky kicked out. Scorpio Sky would package pin Chris Jericho.


SCU defeats Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Review: A great ending to a great card. Chris Jericho would be pinned by Scorpio Sky in a surprise finish. Scorpio Sky took the spotlight early on and made sure to keep hitting great move after great move. Scorpio Sky could be looking to be in the contention for the title as he was able to pin the champion. All four wrestlers did an amazing performance as they traded blows and stole the show. Another great point is the use of comedy. Sammy Guevara would lay down and gloat over a move he did against his opponent and Chris Jericho would pose as well with Sammy Guevara. Both wrestlers are great individually and in a tag team. SCU had a great promo to start the match and maintained their enthusiasm throughout the match. While Hager attempted to interrupt the match, Daniels would perform a dive to keep the match equal in numbers. All four competitors were outstanding for this tag match. SCU looks like a formidable stable as well as a great tag team. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara may have a rematch, but with so many other teams, it is unknown if we will see a rematch between these two teams. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji


AEW Full Gear (11/09/2019)


The Young Bucks vs. Santana and Ortiz

The match consisted of several great spots as well as a fast pace. The match started with a member of the Young Bucks going against Santana all in no selling punches. The match would go full throttle as Santana and Ortiz were taken out and sent to the outside of the ring. The Young Bucks would procede to perform dives to the outside of the ring onto Santana and Ortiz. Both competing teams went for a specific limb on their opponent. The Young Bucks targeted the arms of their opponents, while Santana and Ortiz targeted the legs of Jackson. A phenomenal spot occurred when Santana applied a camel clutch submission on one of the Jackson’s while also applying a Gory Special submission while Ortiz applied the boston crab. It was a phenomenal tag team submission spot. The team of Santana and Ortiz placed a great emphasis on their heel nature as they threw the Young Bucks onto the Rock n’ Roll Express members who were at ring side continuing their flagrant disrespect against the legends. Matt Jackson would be hot tagged into the match and perform a signature double northern lights suplex onto both Santana and Ortiz. The move ended with a pin attempt that was broken at two. Santana and Ortiz would later tag and complete a reverse rolling cutter than took out a member of the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks would recover for their double superkick party onto both Ortiz and Santana. The Young Bucks would attempt the Meltzer Driver except for Nick Jackson falling from the ropes. The match would end with Ortiz hitting a powerbomb and Santana performing a simultaneous blockbuster on one of the Jacksons for the pinfall.

Review: The match was intense from beginning to end. The pacing was fast and arduous. Both teams looked strong and the heels genuinely looked to continue their mean streak. The way the Rock n’ Roll Express was used was phenomenal. The match allowed for the heels to continue appearing to want to destroy the Young Bucks and everything they stand for. Meanwhile, the Young Bucks continued having great double team moves. The in-ring psychology of working on the Young Bucks legs would prove decisive for the match finish as the Young Buck’s offense stems from their quickness. This shows that the heels are not only going to use tactics as back rakes, spitting, and distractions, but even use their in ring IQ to finish a match. One of the best matches of the night. The Young Bucks are known to hardcore wrestling fans as the best tag team duo in wrestling, but Santana and Ortiz reached a new level as professional wrestlers in this match.  Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji


Pac vs. Hangman Page

The match had several points where Page dominated Pac with the height advantage. Pac attempted quick moves, but did not surprise the Cowboy. Pac would pull out his dark side and suplex Hangman Page onto a chair on the outside of the ring. Page would hit the fall away slam a couple of times including one from the top of the ropes. While attempting an Alabama Slam, Page was placed in the standing submission move by Pac. Hangman Page was able to reach the ropes to avoid the submission. Pac attempted to go for a low blow against Hangman Page, but Page seemed to know Pac’s tactics. Hangman page reversed the low blow into a forearm and lariat. Hangman Page would win the match with the finisher and pinfall.

Review: The match allowed for each competitor to show their strength against the strength of the opponent. Pac is fast and heelish while Hangman Page is a powerhouse and great babyface. Both wrestlers were able to put on a great show with great reversals as well as great spots. The match had Hangman Page dominate for sequences and Pac was the underdog who compensated with quickness and dirty moves like a suplex onto a chair. Both competitors are top talent and can easily be placed in the title picture in the future. Meanwhile, there are rivalries being developed as we go along. Pac has a rivalry with Hangman Page. Hangman Page has a rivalry against Guevara.

Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji


Shawn Spears vs. Joey Janela

Janela would start with an offense against Spears. Spears would counter by hitting a powerslam to the outside of the ring and start his offense. Spears would put Janela in the corner and tie his hair onto the turnbuckle, but Janela was able to remove the tactic. Spears would continue and place Janela in a sharpshooter. Janela continued with a dive to the outside. Spears would counter with a backbreaker to the top of the ring post. Spears would continue using dirty tactics by exposing the ring post and perform a piledriver on the outside against Janela and perform a valley driver in the ring.

Review: Spears looks like a genuine heel. He looks like a great wrestler who has technique. The match was a great contrast between the high flyer versus the technical heel. Spears will be a great addition to the heel roster. Some of the spots were outrageous such as the backbreaker to the top of the ring post as well as the piledriver to the outside. Janela took the loss, but still appeared as a fan favorite with the high flying moves. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji


SCU vs. Lucha Brothers vs. Private Party for the AEW Tag Team Championships

Kazarian would start versus Quin but Phoneix would tag himself in. Phoneix would cause a brawl when everyone decided oto jump in. Kazarian would tag in a member of the Private Party in order to avoid any more offense from Pentagon. Private Party would be able to hit a camel clutch hold while another member went for the double stomp. Phoenix would begin to hit the super kick on a member of the Private Party. Quin would perform a prop up drop kick on Pentagon that looked amazing. Scorpio Sky would eventually be tagged in and start hitting multiple offense moves including a jumping cutter. Cassidy would perform a twisting corkscrew onto most of the tag team members on the bottom of the ring. Phoenix would hit a twisting corkscrew as well onto the tag team members on the bottom of the ring. Kazarian would hit a twisting tornado DDT on Phoenix for a close pinfall. Cassidy would hit a cutter and prop himself back up and hit a sliced bread on Kazarian. The match would end with Private Party attempting the hurricanrana onto the cutter, but Kazarian would block the move. Scorpio Sky would hold Isaiah and hit the high kick for the pin and win. Lucha Brothers were not happy with the ending of the match and decided to attack SCU. Daniel would make a return by dressing as Pentagon only to reveal himself after hitting the Lucha Brothers.

Review: Similar to the Young Bucks and Ortiz/Santana tag match, the triple threat tag team match was quick. All six competitors were able to hit double team moves on their opponents. The action was non-stop with constant tagging in and out of the match as well as segments when the bout became a tornado tag team like match.

The feud between Lucha Brothers and SCU is far from over. There is a rivalry that has developed after Pentagon delivered that package piledriver to Daniels and caused damage. Now Daniels has come back to show that he will face Pentagon for what he has done. Scorpio Sky and Kazarian were able to keep the tag team titles and seem to have new contenders as they are set to battle Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara for the titles. Private Party is a team that will continue to surprise with great offense from the agility and quick thinking of its members. Private Party appeared close to securing the win, but SCU placed the experience to defeat the two tag team opponents. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji


Riho vs. Emi Sakura

Emi would show her strength and throw Riho around. Riho would recover and get on her feet with her speed. Riho would hit a pin attempt transition into a single leg crab. Riho would hit the 619,. Emi would hit the backbreaker. Riho would use stopms to attack Emi whenever she was down. Emi would use her suplex . Riho would finish the match with a hirricanrana onto a pin.

Great way to showcase the champion with great fast offense. The transition that Riho has to move from a rolling position to a standing position to deliver the double stomp has become a signature move. Riho is able to transition as well from pinfall attempts to submission moves like the single leg crab. Emi was technically sound as well with her suplex and backbreaker moves.

Review: Both wrestlers showed that they can continue to uphold the Women’s Division in AEW. Riho was quick as seen in her match with Nyla Rose for the inaugural title. Emi Sakura was great in the technicality applying twisting backbreakers as well as working on the back of Riho. Emi Sakura had a great match. The only development to improve would be to include some story development so that the matches can mean more. Wrestling-wise both competitors appeared fierce in the match. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji


Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes

The match had a great buildup from the start. It started with Jericho playing psychological games with Cody as he entered and exited the ring. Cody would grow frustrated and attempt to attack Jericho only for Jericho to retreat. Cody would start hitting an offense, but Jericho would counter. Jericho would use the unfair advantage of using Hager to hit Cody when the referee was distracted. Cody would hit great moves like a sprinboard cutter. Jericho would counter with dropkicks. The match began to speed up gradually. Cody would hit a dive to the outside, but fall short and hit the ramp. The moment proved decisive as Jericho would take control of the match from that point. Jericho would hit the Walls of Jericho but Cody would be able to escape. One of the great match spots included Cody going for the diving kick to be hit with a Code Breaker. Jericho would then finish the match with the Walls of Jericho when MJF would throw the towel to signal to the referee that Cody could take no more. MJF would turn on Cody and hit a low blow on the contender.

Review: The match had a slow beginning but progressed as the match continued. Both wrestlers got an offense going, but the match showed the in ring experience of Jericho. Cody has great athleticism as well as paying homage to The American Dream with the standing elbow strike. The match was great. Jericho countered the offense against Cody showing his many years of experience. While appearing arrogant, Jericho was able to use his in ring IQ to dominate the match. The match was a great way of showcasing Cody’s young talent to Jericho’s experience. The MJF turn will hopefully result in a deeper storyline with multi-linear rivalries that can create a wrestling universe of its own. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji


Kenny Omega vs. John Moxley

Moxley would not wait to use the object under the ring. Kenny wuld take the match to the outside and the crowd. The match would go full extreme with Moxley using the barbed wire bat. Kenny would also use a barbed object to attack John Moxley. Kenny would hit the reverse mmoonsault from the rolling firemans carry with the can. Moxley would return and hit a lariat as well as a suplex onto an exposed board. Moxley would hit the backbreaker, neckbreaker onto a chain, and use the chain as a submission choke. Kenny would hit the dragon suplex and choke Moxley, Kenny would hit the diving senton to the outside onto the talbe. Sharpshooter but Moxley would grab the ropes. Kenny would hit a V-Trigger on Moxley, but Moxley would hit the dirty deeds onto the thumbtacks. Moxley was attempting to expose the ring Moxley tried a piledriver but was reversed. Kenny attempted a 450 splash but Moxley moved and hit the double arm suplex for the win.

Review: WTF?  The match was something that had not happened in wrestling in a long time. This reminded me of the Mankind matches in the Attitude Era where the level of brutality was beyond anything that was seen before. You could tell that while Kenny contributed his fair share of the match, Moxley was probably thinking about doing all this in the Lesnar Mania match. The interesting thing about the match was that there were multiple spots that were unbelievable. Moxley is truly a fierce wrestler and has so much range in promo work, wrestling skill, and extreme match stipulations. He is a true worker and shows how much he loves wrestling. Kenny was great in the match as well showing his dark side and extremes as Moxley attempted to get in Kenny’s head. The match could be difficult to watch at some spots, but overall it gives homage to the matches that Mick Foley, Sabu, and many extreme wrestlers would do. AEW shows that it has a steep amount of history in wrestling with talent that is able to showcase the years and years of techniques that wrestling has developed. While the match is not suitable for young wrestling fans, it showed the way that two wrestlers could take each other to the extreme and survive the ordeal. If it was difficult to watch, imagine knowing the specific sequence of events and going through it. Moxley and Kenny outdid themselves not only through their move set but imagination. Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

AEW Dynamite (11/6/2019)

Pac vs. Trent with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy at ringside

Pac started the match with an arm drag. Trent hit a northern light suplex. Trent was taken to the outside by Pac and slammed against the barricade and ring apron. Pac continued attacking Trent and after leading Trent to the ring hit a drop kick in the ring. Trent tried getting an offense started, but was sent to the ring corner. While attempting to punch out, Pac continued punching Trent. Pac took care of any interferences by getting rid of Orange Cassidy with a pump kick. Trent went with an offense of his own sending PAC against the barricade and hitting a knee to the back of the head as well as a clothesline and tornado DDT. Pac would hit a brain buster on the outside and hit the Twisted Arrow. While Pac attempted to finish the match via pinfall, Trent would kick out and Pac would lock in The Brutalizer for the win.

Pac (Singles Record: 3-0-1) defeats Trent (Singles Record: 0-1 )


Cody Rhodes announces that if he loses the championship match at Full Gear against Chris Jericho, he will never again compete for a championship in AEW due to his management position. Cody Rhodes also made it his mission to defeat Chris Jericho for all the disrespect he has had to endure.


Dark Order vs. Private Party

The match started with Dark Order taking out Private Party. Marq Quen attacked with offensive moves such as the axe kick and flying cross body. Dark Order recovered and hit the Pele kick to both opponents. The match ended with a hurricanrana into a cutter by Private Party. Private Party defeated Dark Order to become the number three contender of the tag team championships.

Private Party (Tag Team Record: (3-2)) defeat Dark Order (Tag Team Record: (2-2))


Jamie Hayter and Emi Sakura vs. Shanna and Riho

Riho started the match against Emi Sakura. Emi Sakura started with chops and tossing Riho around the ring. Riho started her own offense with a running knee. Shanna was tagged in and hit an uppercut against Emi Sakura. Shanna then hit Emi Sakura with an arm drag before hitting a drop kick to a seated Sakura. Shanna continued the offense with a swinging neckbreaker. Shanna tagged in Riho and both hit a double kick and double facebuster against Emi Sakura. Sakura would defend herself and turn the tide of the match with a rake to the back of Riho. Riho returned to dominate by hitting a leg sweep onto Emi Sakura which launched her against the ropes. Riho attempted the 619 but was blocked. Sakura hit a back breaker and tagged Jamie Hayter in. Once Jamie Hayter was inside the ring, she proceeded to attack Riho. Riho was able to get back on top by hitting a flying head scissors on Jamie Hayter and a double stomp on Emi Sakura. Shanna was tagged in and hit Jamie Hayter back with back chops and a corner running forearm. Hayter grabbed Shanna from behind, but Shanna escaped with a stunner. Hayter regrouped and hit Shanna with a backbreaker before tagging Emi Sakura. Sakura hit Shanna with a crossbody onto the corner. While attempting the Fighter Bomb, Shanna countered. While Shanna attempted to tag Riho, Jamie Hayter disrupted the tag by taking out Riho. Shanna would get up and hit a head scissors take down on Emi Sakura. Shanna would then get up on top of the ropes and hit a flying cross body against Emi Sakura to the outside. Shanna would hit a turnbuckle sliced bread on Emi Sakura. Emi Sakura would then hit a reversed face buster. Hayter was tagged in and started hitting Shanna with turnbuckle splashes. Hayter would hit the modified falcon arrow/ scoop slam on Shanna with a pin that Shanna kicked out. Emi Sakura would secure the pin on Riho with a modified package for the win.

Emi Sakura (Tag Team Record:  (1-1)) and Jamie Hayter defeat Riho (Tag Team Record: (1-2)) and Shanna (Tag Team Record: (0-1))


Brandon Cutler vs. Shawn Spears

Shawn Spears and Brandon Cutler started the match with a tie up. Each competitor was sizing up each other until Shawn Spears hit a punch to the face of Brandon Cutler. Cutler was able to get up and hit Shawn Spears with chops to Shawn Spears. Cutler hit an enzuguiri from the apron on Shawn Spears and hit a modified leg drop through the middle ropes onto Shawn Spears. As Brandon Cutler was attempting to exit the ring, Shawn Spears grabbed Brandon Cutler’s legs and sweeped him off his feet. Shawn Spears would continue attacking Brandon Cutler by sending him against the barricade. Spears would hit the running knee on a seated Cutler. Cutler tried defending himself with a high kick which connected with Shawn Spears. Cutler repeated a high kick which was missed, but continued on the offense with a swinging kick. Shawn Spears would rise and hit a pump kick along with the valley driver for the win. Spiers wanted to take out Cutler after the match by attempting to hit a valley driver onto a chair but Ganela was able to interfere and stop the madness.

Shawn Spears (Single Record: (2-2) defeats Brandon Cutler (0-3)

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Guevara and Kenny Omega started the match with a tie up. Guevara would win the tie up and was able to lift up Kenny Omega before slamming him to the floor. Kenny Omega went for a wrist lock against Guevara which was reversed. Omega hit a chop on Guevara after Guevara thought he had eluded Kenny Omega after a back flip. Kenny Omega continued the offense with a flying thump attack to a Guevara on the corner. Kenny Omega would then hit a back drop on Guevara. Kenny Omega would then tag Hangman Page to hit a double kick and Kenny Omega hitting the jumping leg guillotine. Guevara would reverse several moves as well as Hangman Page until Guevara tagged in Chris Jericho. Jericho would hit an elbow to a running Hangman Page and develop a string of attacks. Jericho hit a second rope dropkick and suplex before tagging in Guevara. Hangman Page was able to recover and hit Guevara with a suplex. Guevara would tag Jericho back who started receiving the offense from his opponent. Kenny Omega was tagged in and started hitting double ax hammers on every opponent. Kenny Omega would pick up Sammy Guevara and hit the rolling fireman’s carry before jumping the turnbuckle and hitting the moonsault. Guevara would recover with an enzuguiri twice. Jake Hager got involved in the match by hitting Kenny Omega to the back of the head while the ref was distracted. Hangman Page was tagged in and was able to knock out Guevara with a big boot. Hangman Page then hit Chris Jericho with a fall away slam. Jericho would counter the offense and was close to hitting the Walls of Jericho until Hangman Page reversed. Pac interfered in the match hitting Hangman Page with a low blow. Chris Jericho wasted no time to hit the Judas Effect for the win. The match then ended with Inner Circle members beating up Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. The Young Bucks would come out including Cody Rhodes. The show ended with an all out battle before the coming Full Gear Event.

Chris Jericho (Tag Team Record: (2-0)) and Sammy Guevara (Tag Team Record: (2-0)) defeat Hangman Page (Tag Team Record: (1-1)) and Kenny Omega (Tag Team Record: (1-1))



WWE Monday Night RAW (10/28/2019)

Paige started the RAW segment introducing the match of Becky Lynch vs. Kairi Saine.


Asuka and Kairi Sane made their way to the ring. Paige was able to present both champions but was bullied by Asuka and Kairi. Becky Lynch ran into the ring to battle both Asuka and Kairi Sane. Becky was able to throw Asuka over the barricade and follow her attack against her opponent for the night Kairi Sane.

Becky Lynch started dominating the match with several kicks until Kairi rolled out of the ring and used her agility to take advantage with a huge kick to the face of Becky Lynch from the outside to the inside of the ring. Becky was able to regain the composure and fight back. While attempting to go airborne, Saine was able to bring Becky down, but Becky was able to rebound and come back with several arm take downs. Both athletes would take blows against each other until Kairi Sane hit an amazing swinging DDT countering a suplex from Becky. Lynch was able to neutralize Sane and hit a second rope leg drop. Asuka was at ringside proving a distraction at times until Kairi Sane submitted with the Arm bar.


Becky Lynch defeats Kairi Saine

R-Truth vs. Buddy Murphy

R-Truth was asked about his 24-7 championship reign until Buddy Myrphy came out. Buddy Murphy defeated R-Truth with a quick knee while R-Truth was distracted looking at his competitors running around the outside of the ring.


Buddy Murphy defeats R-Truth

Street Profits cut a promo.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan came out to the ring along with Jimmy.

Richochet vs. Drew McIntire.

Drew McIntire dominated Ricochet launching him with an armdrag and turnbuckle bomb. He continued the assault outside the ring. While Richochet attempting to gain momentum, he was grounded. Untul Richochet started with the flying offense. McIntire was dominating until Randy Orton came out of nowhere with an RKO.


Ricochet defeats Drew McIntire after Randy Orton interference

Rizzo and Bryant vs. the Viking Raiders

Another match featuring the domination of two heavyweights against the jobbers. The tag team champions defeated the two jobbers clean and quickly.


The Viking Raiders defeat Rizzo and Bryant

Sin Cara vs. Andrade

Sin Cara was taking out with a modified crucifix. Sin Cara regained countering with the fast offense. Andrade won quickly with a roll up after Sin Cara was distracted watching the brawl between Zelina Vega and his manager.


Andrade defeats Sin Cara

Natalya and Charlotte Flair vs. The Illconics

Petty Royce started against Flair but had a double suplex delivered. Royce and was taken out with a spear while her teammate was made to tap out with the sharpshooter.


Natalya and Charlotte Flair defeat The Illconics

Seth Rollins Promo on Bray Wyatt

Seth Rollins vs. Erick Rowan

Seth took out Rowan with his speed and a blockbuster from the top ropes until Rowan came back with his strength. The match went outside the arena all the way to the vending area intil coming back to the ring. Rowan continued overpowering Rollins intil a stop onto the announcer’s table and ladder. Seth defeated Eric Rowan after pinning him with a forklift truck.


Seth Rollins defeats Eric Rowan

Brock Lesnar takes out everyone in a room.

AJ Styles vs. Carrillo

Carillo started with a quick offense against AJ Stules with roundhouse kicks and double stopms and dropkicks. Until AJ Styles aattempted to defeat Carillo with the same speed. AJ Styles defeated Carilllo with the Calf Crusher.



AJ Styles defeats Carrillo

Rusev, Lana, and Lashley on Jerry Lawler’s Segment

Rusev took out Bobby Lashley until a low blow was used by Lashley.

Overall Review: 

Becky Lynch vs. Kairi Sane      Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

Great match starring “The Man” and Kairi Sane. The pace of the match was excellent as well as the interference by Asuka. Kairi is very talented as seen through her high flying maneuvers and speed. Becky Lynch is also amazing when she speaks on the mic and her wrestling technicality. Lynch finished the match strong and allowed for a rivalry to continue between the “Empress of Tomorrow” and “The Man”.

Buddy Murphy vs. R-Truth  Image result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

A quick match that ended abruptly. If the point was to make Buddy Murphy look strong, then the point was established. However, the match could have been more explosive with the agility of both competitors. The 24/7 gimmick detracted from what could have been a great match between two great competitors.

Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

The match was a great match that allowed for the comparison of sizes and speed to weigh in heavily. McIntyre dominated the match until Ricochet was able to get some offensive with high flying moves. Both are top talent that can be catapulted to top tier status. The match ended with a DQ in order to cement the feud between the two teams prior to Crown Jewel.

The Viking Rayders vs. Rizzo and Bryant Image result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

Squash match made to highlight the physicality and speed of the Viking Raiders.

Andrade vs. Sin Cara  Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

A match with the talented Andrade and high flyer Sin Cara. The match had innovative moves with a modified hurracanrana counter by Sin Cara. Andrade defeated Sin Cara with a short match. The match set the stage for a mixed tag match or a woman’s match more than a match between Andrade and Sin Cara.

Natalya and Charlotte Flair vs. The Illconics Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

The match featured a tag dynamic with the talented legacy divas versus the newcomers. The Illconics were the heel team that dominated the match with tricks, until Natalya looked in the Sharpshooter.

Seth Rollins vs. Erick Rowan Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

A no-holds barred match between Erick Rowan and Seth Rollins. The match allowed for Seth Rollins to explore his dangerous side against the giant Erick Rowan. Both wrestlers did a great job setting spots with the curb stop on the announcer’s table and ladder. Rowan displayed his strength while Rollins was able to show his unhinged side along with his speed. The match was a great match overall with a great ending. Rowan was defeated with the aid of the forklift and palate, while Rollins looked ready to face Bray.

AJ Styles vs. Carrillo Image result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emojiImage result for star emoji

This was a great match between two wrestlers with similar styles. Both wrestlers are high flyers and possess speed and agility. Carrillo has great arm drags from the top rope as well as great looking dropkicks. AJ Styles has all the years of experience plus that youthful agility on display. Carrillo can definitely be a top talent in the company within this decade of wrestling.





WWE TLC 2018

Cedrick Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy

A quick match with fast action and no room for resting holds. Cedrick Alexander attempted an extreme looking valley driver onto the apron on Buddy Murphy.  After a few false counts with Cedrick Alexander applying the lumbar check,  Buddy Murphy was able to strike with a jumping knee into Murphey’s for the win.  Buddy Murphy defeats Cedrick Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship.


Bobby Lashley w/ Leo Rush vs. Elias

Bobby Lashley was able to overpower Elias at the beginning with shoulder blocks but Elias was able to bring the ladders into play to gain an advantage. The advantage lasted only a few minutes until Lashley regained composure and was able to also use the ladders to his advantage. Lashley applied a belly to belly suplex launching Elias to a ladder set up in the corner. While Lashley attempted to climb the ladder to retrieve the guitar, Elias was able to recover and power bomb Lashley into a ladder. While attempting to retrieve the guitar, Elias ran into Leo Rush who was thrown down the ladder. Elias was able to reach the top of the ladder and grab the guitar. However, Elias was attacked post-match by Leo Rush and Bobby Lashley.


R. Truth and Carmella vs. Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox

After a drop kick from Carmella launching Alicia Fox to the outside and R. Truth also launching Kinder Mahal to the outside of the ring a quick dance break erupted. The Singh Brothers interrupted and began to dance until they were also launched from the ring. After returning the ring Alicia Fox was taken down with a flying headscissors by Carmella. Alicia Fox was able to recover and perform a northern lights suplex with bridge for the pin that Carmella was able to kick out off. After going for a clothesline both contenders were knocked down and went for the tag. R. Truth jumped in quickly to make quick works of Jinder Mahal. Finally Carmella was able to apply the code of silence after a tag which resulted in the win for R. Truth and Carmella.


The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. The Usos vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus and Kofi started the match with only to contenders at a time and the winner will be the team with a pinfall or submission. Kofi Kingston was quick but was overpowered by Sheamus with a shoulder block until Kofi countered with a drop kick. Kofi was able to tag in Xavier who made Sheamus suffer with running elbows. The Usos got in the match and attempted to fly but Cesaro was able to counter with a jumping uppercut while an Uso attempted to fly to the outside. Xavier was able to baseball slide onto Cesaro. Sheamus was in and was able to punish Xavier until Cesaro was tagged in to continue the punishment. Xavier was able to make the tag and have Kofi help with the speed. The Usos became involved in the match by super kicking everyone in sight. After a splash from the top rope from Jimmy onto Kofi, Jimmy was taken out to the ringpost leaving Cesaro alone with Kofi to perform a swing into a sharpshooter with Xavier jumping in for a midrope ddt onto Cesaro. Kofi would then jump from the top rope onto the Usos and Sheamus and Cesaro. While everyone was outside Xavier Woods and Sheamus were the two left. Xavier Woods appeared to take the advantage by kicking Sheamus in the head but while attempting enter the ring was distracted by Cesaro. After removing Cesaro with another kick, Woods attempted to go inside the ring only to receive a Brogue kick into a pin. The Bar defeats the Usos and the New Day to retain the Smackdown Championships.


Natalia vs. Ruby Riot (with the Riot Squad)

Ruby Riot started the match attempting a waist lock from behind only to have it reversed and to be taken down by Natalia. Riot was able to get up and push Natalia into the second rope where she was attacked by the Riot Squad. Natalia attempted to get the upper hand a few times but was interrupted by the Riot Squad. After this, Natalia was slapped around by Ruby Riot until she was able to back suplex Ruby Riot. Riot exited the apron after the back suplex and made her way towards the table that was set outside the ring. Natalia was able to bang Ruby Riot’s head into the table and then attempted to get up to the ring. Natalia was able to slip into the ring and was attempting to spear Ruby Riot to the table but Liz Morgan took Ruby’s place at the heap of the broken table. Natalia was able to fend herself from Ruby Riot with another german suplex with release and attacked Logan with a baseball slide. Mata;oa again attempted to place another table outside the ring and attempted to powerbomb Ruby Riot until Logan interfered. Logan was then placed through a table by Natalia after a scoop slam. Riot then took the distraction in order to attack Natalia from behind. To continue the insult, she placed Natalia near a table with a picture of ‘The Anvil”, Natalia’s father. Natalia and Ruby Riot made their way back into the ring where Natalia and Ruby attempted to place each other through a table situation at the corner of the ring. Natalia then placed Ruby into a sharpshooter which appeared to be the finale of the match but Ruby was able to use the table to exit the hold. The match ended when Natalia placed Ruby through a table from the top rope when Ruby attempted a hurricanra but fell through after being powerbombed.


Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Balor

McIntyre was able to lock up with Finn Balor to initiate the match after a long stare down. McIntyre used his size to the advantage providing several strikes on Finn Balor. Finn Balor was tossed around the ring by McIntyre in what appeared would be an easy win for McIntyre. McIntyre continued to toss Finn Balor around like a weightless mannequin even using a stalling suplex to show the strength difference between both. Finn Balor attempted to recover with a few flying forearms and a quick stomp to the chest. Balor was able to apply the slingblade to gain some momentum. However, the momentum was quickly reversed when he was placed in a spinning backbreaker. Balor attempted a reverse hurricanrana with a pin but McIntyre kicked out at 1. McIntyre continued to dominate with a white noise from the top of the turnbuckle that was broken at a two count. Balor was looking tired and defeated until he recovered and placed McIntyre in between the apron mat and unleashed a fist of furies to attempt to subdue the giant. McIntyre regained the advantage with a massive headbut to the face of Balor. After tossing Balor back into the ring, Dolph Ziggler came out of nowhere only to superkick McIntyre. Ziggler was not done as he attempted to use a chair against the Irishman but quickly learned the errors of his ways as McIntyre kicked the chair onto the face of Ziggler. With the distraction Finn Balor was able to dropkick McIntyre and drop the cout de grau and finish with the pinfall.


Chairs Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton wasted no time to release his anger on Mysterio as he kicked Rey in the stomach and threw him out of the ring. Orton attempted a chair shot on Mysterio after picking up a chair but quickly fell victim to Mysterio’s quick counter with another chair shot into the stomach and back. Mysterio continue the assault on the back a few more times. Randy Orton was able to get back in the match after Mysterio attempted to jump onto an Orton that was laying on the corner but Orton got out of the way and hit Mysterio with multiple more chair shots. Orton and Mysterio took the fight to the apron until Orton was kicked out of the ring and was attacked by Mysterio with a falling splash with a chair. Orton was able to recover and slam Mysterio into a chair placed on the announcer’s table. Orton and Mysterio then made their way back onto the ring where Orton was able to wedge a chair in between the second and third turnbuckle and attempted to place Rey through it until Mysterior reversed it and placed Orton head first into the chair. It appeared that Mysterio would have arrived at an advantage point until he was powerslammed by a recovering Orton. Orton even attempted the second rope DDT but Mysterio reversed it hanging Orton to dry on the second rope. Mysterio was setting up to fly from the third rope but Orton caught him by throwing a chair. Mysterio was also hung to dry from the top of the turnbuckle and hit repeatedly on the chair wedged between the second and third rope. Mysterio was abe to defeat Orton with a forward hurracanrana after Orton attempted an RKO onto the chairs but fell onto the chairs.


WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match

Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax

The match started with Nia Jax holding Ronda Rousey in a choke hold up high until dropping her. Ronda was able to get up and start the striking game but Nia was able to prevent herself from taking the hits. Ronda Rousey was then able to perform a rolling armbar from standing position to ground position. Nia was able to pick up Ronda and drop her into a modified powerbomb. Nia attempted to go for the leg drop but Ronda was able to move out of the way and stand back up. Rousey tried a standing choke hold but was countered into a suplex which was countered into an armbar which Nia was able to exit from by rope break. Ronda did not let go and Nia dropped her to the ring barricade outside the ring. Nia attempted a pin but Rousey kicked out at two. Nia then attempted a powerbomb but was countered into a hurricanrana. Nia’s anger got the best of her as she attempted to spear Rousey into the ring post but missed and slammed straight first into the ring post. Rousey then flew from the top of the ring apron on Nia with a diving cross body. The triple R was able to pick up Nia and deposit her back into the ring. After some taunting by Rowdy Ronda Rousey, she proceded to deliver a running knee, jumping punch, and another cross body which was countered into a samoan drop. Nia attempted a top rope samoan drop but was countered into a top rope powerbomb by Rousey. Tamina attempted to distract Rousey but Rousey prevailed with a standing jumping armbar transition to ground.


Becky Lynch proceeded to attack Nia Jax post match as Nia walked through the backstage corridors.

WWE Heavyweight Championship Match

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan started playing mind games with AJ styles by exiting the ring multiple times prior to engaging AJ Styles. Styles did not waste time to start attacking Daniel Bryan with punches and a drop kick. Daniel Bryan made his way outside the ring where Styles attempted to go for an outside phenomenal forearm but was met with a kick. Both champion and contender made their way to the ring where Daniel Bryan took the upper hand with a kitchen sink strike and then going for a stretchboard submission with AJ Styles grabbing the ropes. Bryan sent Styles into the ring corner where he started to chop at AJ Styles. Styles attempted his own chops but was met with a kick, a punch, and an uppercut by Bryan. After several back and forths and reversals, Bryan rolled out of the ring where Styles followed and sent him crashing to the ring post. Styles then went for the modified fireman’s carry into knee strike from which Bryan responded with multiple knee strikes and neck breaker and yes kicks. Bryan appeared to be in control until he was hit with a dropkick. Styles went for the phenomenal forearm which was countered. Styles countered back with a dragon screw. After the dragon screw, Styles went to damage the right leg with repeated blows on the ring post. Daniel Bryan went for a hurricanrana after recovering from the top rope to which Styles responded with a Styles clash that was countered. Styles went for a half boston crab which Bryan attempted to escape through rope break but Styles was able to pull him back to the center of the ring. Bryan was able to counter into a yes lock which was countered into a pin which Bryan broke out of. After several back and forth punches and kicks, Styles did a 450 splash from the top rope and later proceeded to a calf crusher which Bryan broke out of. After the battle went to the outside Bryan was able to hit a phenomenal forearm. As Styles attempted to place Bryan back into the ring, Bryan rolled Styles into a pin and won the match.


Intercontinental Championship Match

Seth Rollins (c.) vs. Dean Ambrose

Both attempted to try to lock up with Rollins going into a behind waist lock that was sent to the ring corner where the referree broke the hold. Rollins allowed the breaking of the hold until he ran for a shoulder block against Ambrose. After the shoulder block, Seth continued to hit Ambrose with multiple punches and kicks reeling Ambrose to the corner. Ambrose countered back until taking the battle to the outside and going with cheap shots against Rollins. Move was countered to move and both competitors showed their strengths. Ambrose hit Rollins with a strong lariat and a top rope elbow. Ambrose then began to work on Rollins leg with a cloverleaf submission hold. Rollins did not tap out and continued after reaching the ropes for a rope break. Rollins attempted to fight back with a jumping second rope leg drop onto an Ambrose that attempted to get Rollins back into the ring. Seth attempted to get momentum but the knee kept resulting in a problem. Seth was able to launch Ambrose outside the ring and go for the second rope dive. After going to the corner, Seth could not get Ambrose for the top rope powerbomb but was able to hit the turnbuckle bomb. After a series of reversals with Seth standing tall, Ambrose was able to hit the dirty deeds for the win.